King of the Road: Be a Business Travel Expert

More people than ever are travelling far and wide in their line of work. When you consider how much portable technology is out there, along with the great advances in cloud computing, it’s not really much of a surprise. Employers are taking advantage of telecommuting at an increasing rate, which can often be a great thing for both business owners and employees. But when you need to travel and work, a lot of complexities can get thrown into the equation.

If you’re going to be an itinerant worker, than you should be wise in your approach. Here’s a quick guide to reducing the common stresses that come with business travel.

The right gear

People are spoiled for choice when it comes to the gear you can use for business travel. Tablets and laptops are now more advanced and cheaper than ever. A lot of people tend to lean on tablets these days, but it’s still recommended that you choose a laptop instead, as the battery can last longer and it’s easier to do a lot of typing. You can read more about that particular debate over at!  If you’re not the business owner, then you should be able to request such items, or at least write off purchases of them as business expenses. Remember that carrying all of this equipment can be quite risky, so ensure you’ve got a sturdy and large backpack suitable for carrying it all. Make sure it’s waterproof in case it starts raining heavily at your location!

Be smart about flying

When you’re an itinerant worker, you often need to get from A to B quite quickly, so delays are definitely best avoided! Remember to ensure flights from one place to another are non-stop as opposed to direct (which sound like they should be non-stop, but actually aren’t!). If you’re going to be flying often, then make sure you sign up for business loyalty programs. You can read more about these over at Frequent flier plans are excellent ways to save money on flights and can even ensure you get a bit of special treatment when it comes to seating and service.


Travel apps and programs that rely on the cloud are going to be your friends if you’re an itinerant worker. There are loads of apps out there that help you keep track of air miles, work your way around a new location, and more. Cloud software or websites that allow you to access and create documents remotely can help you out greatly if you need to collaborate remotely, or if you end up having to work somewhere that doesn’t have the software you need. has more information about using websites to replace the need for Microsoft Office programs.

Work space

So where are you actually going to do the work you need to do? Your hotel room can be pretty great, but what if you don’t have WiFi at the hotel? has the information you may need: co-working spaces are excellent hotspots for work that come with pretty much every utility you could need. They’re also designed to feel like an office, lending an air of real professionalism to the proceedings.

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