Lemonade: Top 4 Questions After 4 Days of Marinating

Okay after the big reveal of her highly anticipated album, Bey not only drops it…but does it visually!

Of course, every one tuned in and had their comments about the content of her 11 songs off  her sixth album titled: Formation.

But here’s 4 questions we have for Beyonce after watching this and really understanding what happened..4 days later!



1. How did you get every #BlackGirlMagic representative in this video?!

Nevermind..who turns down Bey..?



2. You said Oprah’s best advice to you was to not be open about who you’re dating; now you married and gone all willy-nilly, sharing everything?

Is this because of the connection you’re making with your fans of having different feelings for someone you love?  

We dig, we dig.


3. Should such a woman have this much power?

On every social network, black women found their inspiration through this visual compilation to push through their personal trials


4. Are you gonna capitalize and create your own lemonade?

Wait BlackGirlMagic has already been sprinkled in that lane just a month ago!
Remember the 11-year-old Texan that already won on Shark Tank for her BeeSweet Lemonade.
That’s close enough, right BeyHive?


1 Comment

1 Comment

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