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If you haven’t yet, you really need to start thinking about upgrading to the cloud as the next stage of your total tech takeover. The cloud has been a staple for many businesses in recent years due to its user-friendliness and almost unlimited capacity to change your business. But is there any good reason for you to shell out lots of money for a system when your ZX Spectrum works just fine? Okay, maybe that’s taking it a bit too far into the past, but the point is that you need to make an upgrade in your tech sooner or later, and the cloud is the most sensible of all upgrades. Here’s why…

The Flexibility…

For a business that needs to expand and contract as needed, choosing a cloud service provider to increase the bandwidth will be one way to meet your business needs. Flexibility is so essential to small businesses, that if a company needs to increase its capacity quickly, the software has to meet its needs. The cost of getting new equipment is much more than what a cloud service provider would charge!

The Disaster Recovery…

Cloud computing software is built for improved disaster recovery. Such an important precaution in small businesses, the cloud will prevent a lot more headaches than it will cause. As the tools have features like cloud-based backup and solutions to recover the work much easier than on a hard drive, it means there will be a lot more peace of mind for you and your business. It will also save time and cost in purchasing special software to recover your information from deep within the hard drive!  

The Collaboration…

Using a hard drive to store data means more difficulty in data transference. Deleting data effectively from a hard drive means using a drive degausser, which is a method that can take time to do. To upgrade your business to using a cloud-based system, it can take some time and effort, but if you are working in collaboration with other members of staff to organize your data, it can be done very quickly. The collaborative nature of the cloud means that everyone connected on that network has access to the same data from their computer so information can be edited in real-time and without the back-and-forth that can eat up a lot of precious work time.  

The Remote Working Capabilities…

And as the option for collaboration is vastly increased, it means that the location doesn’t need to be a major factor in the running of an efficient business. People can pretty much work from anywhere in the world and still remain connected. As people now prefer the opportunity to work from home, this improves the work-life balance for employees and makes them a happier worker. And in some cases, the productivity can be increased instead of hampered. The physical effects of commuting and early morning wake-up times have an effect on how people work. The cloud can help to avoid this in extreme circumstances.

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