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Talking Heads: Communication Tools To Integrate

Communication, it’s what we need to develop our business, and we need to be constantly developing newer and better ways to do it. From a technological standpoint, the notion of communication has never been in ruder health. From a personal point of view, there are some aspects that may be overpowering the standard conversation, but for a good cause! Every startup company needs to decide which systems to install on their limited budget, and as the option to work from home is something many people would like, we need our tech to represent this, and here are some that may want to put on your wish list…

Social Software

Most of us use Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis in work, so why don’t you take advantage of the fact that we like to be social? Instead of it being a bad thing, you could create an intranet that acts as a social hub. It makes for a handy database of all of your contacts in the company, and it’s a great way to post important items to make sure that people read it. From training sessions to using it as a method to deliver e-learning packages, it can be a wonderful tool to increase communication throughout your business. It helps to cut down on paper waste too, which really isn’t a bad thing!


VoIP, or Voice-Over-Internet Protocol, is a common approach to using the telephone now in business settings. The advantages a VoIP phone has over a typical telephone is due to the fact that it is routed via the internet rather than a phone line, which makes your overall costs much cheaper. With VoIP services, you get the equivalent of a cloud service provider, and some services, like Digital Planet, can connect your phone system to the cloud. As well as the standard features you would get on a phone, like hold music and call-forwarding, the devices can be integrated into your emails too, making for vastly improved overall communication.

Internal Videos

Communication doesn’t just have to be two people speaking. You can make the most of the vlogs to communicate the latest training materials. And it’s much more interesting than a standard booklet or training document, meaning that you can make the most of the tools like infographics or add visuals to PowerPoint presentations to really make the material travel.


Messenger Tools  

The lightning quick communication method of sending a short message to a colleague has very likely saved so much time that would be wasted by walking to them! You can get an instant reply to your message without needing to even glance over to the other side of your screen, so you can maintain productivity. These tools have improved even more over the years, so there is an increased opportunity for business collaboration. The importance of collaboration in the tech world did originally mean we were very limited in what we could do, but now communication has become so much more all-encompassing, it makes ideas and business development so much quicker.

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