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Luxury Travel in Australia: What You Need to Know

By: Nicole Clark

Considering luxury travel in Australia? Can’t blame you–Australia has a lot to offer. In fact, as of April 2017, 8.46 million visitors have already arrived in the country for the year, a 9.5 percent increase compared to figures from 2016, representing an additional 731,000 visitors so far.

International arrivals have also continued to grow, jumping 10.5 percent over the course of 12 months. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, this increase is mainly attributed to leisure arrivals from those going on holiday or visiting friends and family in the country.

But you’re not looking for the usual kind of stay, right?
How luxury travel takes your experience to the next level

Luxury travel in Australia means travelling in style, comfort, and exclusivity. Everything is tailored to your needs, complete with a private guide that can let you experience the country in a way that only you can.

Whether you’re more interested in cityscapes or are looking forward to exchanging the hustle and bustle for a quiet time in one (or two!) of the 60 designated wine regions in the country, you’ll get exactly the kind of Australian holiday you’re looking for.

Going to the usual places will be fun, but why settle for that when you can have a dynamic, dazzling experience instead? As a luxury traveler, you’ll be staying in the finest luxury hotels and resorts in the country, which can be a memorable experience in itself.

Why Australia?

As a highly biodiverse country, Australia has a reputation for being an adventurer’s paradise. However, it is also so much more.

“Following the second World War, there was an influx of talented and passionate Greek and Italian immigrants who helped to shape Melbourne’s culinary landscape. Add in a open-minded society who is sports-, fashion-, theater- and arts-focused and you have a recipe for a city that’s full of history, events, festivals and many outdoor areas,” explained Tara Bishop, The Langham, Melbourne’s public relations director.

And Melbourne’s just one of many cities you can visit in the Land Down Under! If just one destination in the country can offer all that, then it certainly has a lot in store for guests, and it’s especially ready for those interested in luxury travel in Australia.

According to Marc von Arnim, Park Hyatt Sydney’s general manager, those travelling in the luxury segment are highly discerning and have extremely high expectations. It is then the goal of the country’s hotels to ensure that those expectations are exceeded by ensuring authentic hospitality is delivered each time to every guest, which can be guaranteed by thoroughly training staff members.

The ultimate bucket list: Australia edition

So what should you do in Australia? Some of the highly recommended activities you should engage in include:

● Renting your own island in Queensland
● Diving in the Great Barrier Reef
● Cruising Western Australia’s Kimberley Coast
● Riding a helicopter over the King George waterfall
● Visiting Kangaroo Island and staying in a luxurious lodge or beach house
● Sailing along Sydney Harbour
● Climbing the Harbour Bridge
● Experiencing natural history in Kakadu and Arnhemland
● Sampling wines in Barossa Valley, Australia’s most famous wine region
● Exploring Tasmania’s Maria Island for a taste of local culture, history, and wildlife
● Flying over Lake Eyre and the Innamicka salt lakes
● Saddling up and going deep into the Victorian High Country in a trail ride

Travelling to Australia: What to keep in mind

Luxury travel in Australia generally means everything you’ll need will have been taken care of but it never hurts to be in the know as well. Here are some travel tips you should keep in mind for your Australian trip:

● The official language in Australia is English but it’s common for a range of languages to be heard in the towns and cities because of the country’s large migrant population.

● Australian dollars come in denominations of $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 notes; and 5-,10-, 20-, and 50-cent and one- and two-dollar coins.

● Goods and Services Tax in Australia is set at 10 percent. A refund may be claimed no more than 60 days before leaving the country for goods priced at least AUD$300 bought from a single business.

Tipping in restaurants is your choice but when provided with good service in upmarket locations, it is customary to tip your waiters 10 percent of your bill.

● The legal drinking age in Australia is 18 years old. You may have to present your passport or driver’s licence to show proof of age.

● There is no limit to how much money you can bring into and out of the country but if you have more than AUD$10,000 (or the amount’s foreign equivalent) in cash with you, it has to be declared at the airport with Australian Customs.

● Travel insurance protects you against loss, theft, medical problems, and accidents. It is recommended that you take out a policy before you leave for your trip.

● Australia has Reciprocal Health Care Agreements with Italy, Malta, Slovenia, Norway, Belgium, Finland, the Netherlands, Sweden, New Zealand, the Republic of Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

● Special vaccinations are not required for luxury travel in Australia unless you are coming from or have been to a country infected with yellow fever within six days of your arrival. Medical advice may change, however, so check with the Australian Department of Health before your departure.

● All medicines brought into Australia for personal use must be declared upon arrival. Make sure you have your prescription or a letter from your doctor detailing your medical condition and the medicines you are carrying. If you need prescription medicine while in Australia, a doctor in the country has to write you a prescription.

● You can burn under the Australian sun in as little as 15 minutes even when it’s cloudy, so always wear sunscreen and protective clothing.

● Smoking is banned in enclosed public spaces, like shopping centres, hotels, restaurants, public transport, and cinemas. Tobacco products are also off-limits to individuals below 18 years old.

● When swimming in beaches, stay within the red and yellow flags. These indicate sections with Surf Lifesavers on patrol.

Australia is generally safe but always practice caution.

Luxury travel is a great way to ensure your trip to Australia goes off without a hitch. By entrusting your holiday to the experts, you are assured that your experience of the Land Down Under will be nothing short of spectacular.

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