10 Things Not to Wear for College Admissions Interview

By: Helen Birk

When you pass the college admission interview, everything matters – the things you say, the pose you take, and the clothes you wear. Do you want to be aware of why your clothes are important during the college talk? Have you heard about the first impression? This is it. The way you look will directly influence the first impression you are going to make. We have prepared a very interesting article on ten things not to wear for college admissions interview – are you interested? Then keep on reading!

  1. Jewelry

You do not want to wear any flashy and distracting pieces of jewelry. Why? Because the interviewer wants to focus on you and your speech, and not on the additional clothing elements you wear. Of course, if you are a boy, it might not be a problem, however, there are different styles young men prefer. And in the case in real life you look like Jack Sparrow, take off all the elements of this character.

  1. Heavy Makeup

Apart from the college interview outfits, you need to reflect about how your face is going to look. Your makeup needs to be simple and neutral. All you will need is a bit of foundation to make your face look healthier, some mascara, and a nude lipstick – that is it! No violet eyeshadows and red lipsticks!

  1. Dirty Clothes

What to wear to a college interview? Well, definitely not the dirty clothes! You have to look neat and tidy because the first impression would be completely ruined after looking at you. Do not even think about wearing clothes that are not ironed! If you feel you will have no time to iron the clothes because you are overloaded with tasks, better assignment writers to write an essay. Save time for preparing properly for the college talk!

4.Ripped Jeans

Yes, they are fashionable. Yes, you love wearing them very much. Yes, they might be the only jeans in your closet. However, what you need to follow is the business clothing style, and the ripped jeans will simply look inappropriate! Of course, you have some normal trousers or a skirt – wear those!


This depends on the type of the college talk, however, to avoid the possible mistake, we would recommend you not to wear shorts at all! Shorts look really casual no matter what color and style they are of. If your college talk happens in summer, consider a skirt or endure the heat in the light trousers.

6.Halter Top

Do you wish the interviewer be focused on your shoulders and chest or your speech? If you choose the latter, then never even consider wearing the halter top. This type of clothing looks good if you go out with your friends on the hot summer day. However, it will look inappropriate in the interview.

7.Short Skirt

How to dress for a college interview? Short skirts are inappropriate anywhere official and the college talk as well. Luckily, they are not fashionable anymore, but there are still individuals who like them and, what is more horrible, wear them. You do not want the interviewer stare at your legs – you want him/her to hear what you say. That is why you have to forget about short skirts.

8.Visible Underwear

Of course, we do not encourage you not to wear the underwear – the only thing we are asking you is to hide it. Just like the short skirts, visible underwear is not really fashionable, however, even forgetting to wear the belt might provoke everyone to see what underwear you are wearing. Be careful!


The shoes are as important as the clothes you are going to wear. Flip-flops are an amazing option if you are going to the beach or the shop in the summer. However, wearing those to the interview is simply a disrespect to the interviewers – they look smart, do they not? Then be smart as well!

10. High Heels

The last point on our list refers only to the female audience. If you wear nine-inch heels, it means you will feel uncomfortable in them, and you will not be able to move properly. Who needs that? No one. The low heels or flats would be the perfect decision for you!

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