10 Tips To Get Your Freelance Writing Career Off The Ground

By: Rachel Summers

As careers go, nothing is quite as freeing as a freelance writing career. All you really need is a laptop and a wifi connection. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing, you can start making a living by writing for clients. If you want to get started, there is a little more to it than simply quitting your job and announcing your career change. Here’s how you can get that career off the ground.

  1. Use The Web To Get Started

As a new writer, you’re going to need some proof that you’re a skilled writer and worth hiring. Thanks to the internet though, it’s quite easy to start creating content. You can start a blog, or a Youtube channel, to showcase your original writing. You can also write with other smaller websites and get them to showcase your work. Then, when you’re looking for clients, you can show them what you’ve done.

There are websites that will help you improve your writing too, as you’re just starting out. For example, State Of Writing has grammar guides that will help you improve your writing. Grammarix will check your writing once it’s done, and recommend improvements.

  1. Look For Help When You Need It

There’s lots of places online that will lend you a hand when you’re feeling lost. They’ll point you in the right direction when you’re not sure what to do, so go looking for help when you need it. After all, you’re freelance, but you’re not alone. For example, Writer’s Digest are worth following for their excellent advice, and Copyblogger have lots of writing guides you can use.

  1. Analyze Your Favourite Publications

Not sure what you’d write yet? If you know you can write, but you’re not sure where to start, look at your favourite publications, both in print and online. What can they offer the reader? How do they draw the reader in? What are they writing about that interests you? If you really pick apart these pieces, you can see what you want to get from your writing career.

  1. Work For Online Writing Services

If you’re looking to get started writing online, one of the best ways to do so is with an online writing service, such as Top Canadian Writers and Revieweal. They offer writing services to the public, such as copywriting and editing. This can help you start to build a portfolio, as well as make some cash as you’re just getting started.

  1. Learn To Generate Ideas

You’ll need to come up with a lot of ideas as a freelance writer, so start practicing now. Having 5-10 good ideas when you’re pitching to a publisher is ideal, as it gives them a lot to work with, and shows that you’ve got good ideas to spare. Remember though, it isn’t always about quantity. Make sure you’re giving them the best ideas you’ve got.

  1. Make Sure You’re Editing Your Work

Whenever you write, whether it’s for a non profit site or a high profile client, you need to ensure that you’re proofreading and editing everything that you write for them. Your professionalism will show through in work that’s been checked over and well polished before you send it over. There are tools that will help you proofread more efficiently, such as UK Top Writers for editing.

  1. Get Out There

Freelance writing isn’t all about sitting behind your computer pumping out articles. in fact, you’ll find it harder to find work if you don’t get out there and get networking. Attend media events, and make sure you’re introducing yourself to people who can help you get ahead in your career. You can often find free tickets for events, so make the most of them.

  1. Make Use Of Social Media

Speaking of networking, you can get a lot done on social media. It’s a great way to stay connected with other writers, editors and publishers. You can also start building up a following there, especially if you’re linking your published work. Using it like this can help you find more work as you go on in your career.

  1. Look For Work Everywhere

There’s a lot of opportunity out there, if you know where to look for it. Take a look on regular writing job boards, to find writing work. You can also find it on places like Craiglist, and other online bulletin boards, which is a great way to start out. Wherever you look though, know your worth, and don’t let yourself be underpaid.

  1. Keep Writing

No matter what you do, keep writing. Sometimes you’ll feel as though you’re not getting anywhere, but you will start building up relationships and finding work. Keep at it, and you’ll be a writer in no time.

Keep these tips in mind as you start your freelancing career, and you’ll find that you’ll be getting jobs quickly and steadily. It’s all about how you approach the task, so get out there.

Rachel Summers is an experienced writer and journalist, currently living in the UK. She specialises in writing for students, especially with services such as Student Writing Services. She looks to improve their education experience, and get them the help they need to do better.


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