3 Hobbies From Home- That Can Make You Money!

Everyone should have a side hustle; as this day in age, there are so many different options that you can choose from. Having an additional source of income is always going to be useful, but in times like now (the global pandemic meaning many of us are able to work our normal jobs) a second stream of earnings can help to keep us going. If you don’t currently have a hobby that makes you money then there’s really no better time to start, use your time in lockdown wisely and by the time things go back to normal, you could have the foundations in place for your own side business that you can run alongside your normal job and other commitments. Here are some ideas. 



Blogging enables you to improve all kinds of skills, from writing to photography to coding. It’s free to start and relatively simple, and just about everyone has a subject they like enough to be able to start creating content about. Maybe you’ll write about beauty or fashion, business, money or politics? You could write about animals, health, anything at all that interests you. You could even use a blog as a personal journal to document your thoughts and life, you might feel that this isn’t interesting to others but you’d be surprised. People love the personal nature of blogs and connecting with other people, reading about their lives and generally getting invested in them. Once your blog is established, it brings all kinds of opportunities from paid work to freebies to event invites and much more.



If you have plenty to say on a subject but writing isn’t really your thing, why not make videos instead? Again, you could sit and chat about a subject you enjoy, explaining different ideas in detail or doing tutorials. Or you could do ‘day in the life’ or ‘follow me around’ type videos where you just record what you’re up to- again these are really popular. Teach yourself how to use video editing software and find some royalty free music to put in the background. It could be anything from hip hop beats to classical music depending on what suits your videos.



Everyone has gotten into baking recently, it’s something that’s kept many of us occupied during lockdown. But if you’ve started baking and realised you’re actually very good at it then why not take it to the next level? It can take time to reach the stage where you’re ready to sell your creations, but now is a great time to learn. Enrol into some cake making and decorating online courses, order the right equipment and keep on practicing. Follow some established cake makers on social media and get a feel for their work so you know when yours is up to scratch. After lockdown you could start the process of applying for the right certification to be able to bake and sell from home. You’ll need to set up a website and social media information ready for your launch too. Don’t forget to take high quality photos of your bakes so you can include them on an online gallery for customers to see.


What hobbies do you have from home that make you money?

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