3 Sure Fire Ways To Create A Cohesive Staff Team

As the leader of a new business that needs to hire staff, you want to create a cohesive team immediately. The idea of high staff turnover, low productivity, and absenteeism fills you with dread. What if you hire the wrong people? Don’t worry – the idea of advertising a job, shortlisting, and interviewing candidates can be daunting even to the veteran entrepreneur. To hire the right people, you need to have a recruitment plan. Take a look at these three sure fire ways to help you create a cohesive team.


When you place your advert in a paper or online, it’s vital that you know the role you are hiring for. A candidate needs to have a person and job specification that is specific and detailed. Don’t be vague with role descriptions and lists of duties. If you are advertising for a marketing assistant, but you put manager in the job title just for it to sound more impressive, the role will sorely disappoint the successful candidate. Be honest and transparent to avoid someone leaving a role before their trial period is up.

You could choose to get a recruiter to do all of the hard work for you. They will have a list of strong potential candidates on their books already and you simply need to interview and choose one. Ensure that your interview questions are succinct and relevant. Forget the obscure nonsensical questions. It doesn’t matter what animal they would be in another life.


If you want a team that upholds the ethos of your business, don’t be afraid to put a pre-employment drug testing policy into your recruitment plan. As long as candidates know this before they apply and you are transparent about your reasoning behind it, this is fully legal and appropriate for many industries. To foster discipline among your staff, you need to lead by example. Have away days and get to know your team. Don’t just see them as numbers and learn what makes them tick. This can help you understand if someone slips in terms of performance. If Janet hasn’t met her sales target for the first time in six months, this might be because of the traumatic divorce she is going through. It’s vital that you know about this and can be empathetic to this.

Show What You Can Offer

When trying to attract the finest candidates, you need to show off what you have to offer. As a new company, the salary you can provide might not be as attractive as some larger well established big names in the industry. However, you might be able to offer greater scope for promotion, a solid family vibe, a friendly office space, and a great environment in which to work. Exploit these positives and invite potential employees into the office to see this for themselves. Salary is not the be-all and end-all for job hunters in the twenty-first century.

Mastering the art of creating a cohesive staff team is tough. Follow this guide and you can hone a solid recruitment policy.

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