3 Things You Can Do with an Accounting Degree

The world of accounting may seem rather one-dimensional to outsiders who don’t know much about the career, but as professional accountants will tell you, it’s far from one-dimensional. There are actually a number of different avenues you can pursue that fall under the umbrella of accounting that will have you working in a variety of locations across the country and in different industries. 

So, just what exactly can you do with that accounting degree, and what are some of the most common jobs that you can get? Here are three things that the accounting degree will make possible.

Work as a Financial and Business Consultant – Give Others the Advice they Need

If you’re the type that enjoys new challenges each day, working with a variety of new people all the time, and feeling like you are actually helping, then the role of a financial and business consultant could put that accounting degree to good use.

This is an opportunity to work with small business owners, entrepreneurs, and others who need help realizing their own business goals and successes. You can help by giving them sound advice on investments, what kind of start-up costs they can expect, and how to budget for them. You can create their financial plan, and you may even be performing bookkeeping services for your clients.

Like Solving Problems? Look into Fraud and Forensics

Another option is to take your accounting education one step further and get a Master of Science in Accounting in order to open new career doors. The highly-prestigious MSA at Merrimack College makes it possible for you to work in fraud and forensics, where you’ll be solving all kinds of problems and mysteries. You’ll be looking for financial clues and leads that provide real factual evidence. 

In this career, you’ll be using a combination of investigative, auditing, and accounting skills in order to make sense of a business’s or individual’s finances. The data you collect as well as any analysis can then go on to be used in any legal proceedings that occur. Embezzlement and fraud cases often have forensic accountants involved. This is far from the typical accountant job that people tend to think of.

Shape the Future of Businesses as a CFO

Maybe you have your eyes on an executive level position. If that’s the case, then an accounting degree can come in handy once again, as it can help you to land the job of a Chief Financial Officer (CFO). In this job, you can expect to be leading the financial path for a business, which means securing any new funding, conducting cost benefit analysis, overseeing the budget management, and more.

Because you won’t be specializing in any one industry, you can act as a CFO of any type of business regardless of the sector. In other words, you have a lot of variety here.

So, if you’re under the impression that becoming an accountant secures a very dull future, it’s time to think again as this field has all kinds of intriguing and engaging paths to take.

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