4 More Improvements You Can Make To Your Marketing Strategies – Offline

We’ve previously reviewed the importance of marketing in building brand awareness as you launch a new business. Marketing enables you to reach the right audience, whether they are customers, partners, or even investors. Marketing is all about making yourself seen, heard, and acknowledged.

Therefore, it makes sense to start your marketing journey with targeted audience research to understand who your customers are and which platform(s) they use so you can grow your online presence. Yet, developing your brand online is not the same as building an offline presence. If you run a small store or an independent tea shop, you need to find out more about improving your marketing strategies for offline brand awareness. Here’s how to bring your brick and mortar business to shine!


Catch the eye with quality signage

Hanging a sign above the door serves multiple functions:

  • It is informative and showcases your brand’s name and image.
  • It must stand out from the crowd to be seen in a busy shopping street. 
  • It is the first interaction people have with your brand, so it has to create a positive impression. 


Choosing the right sign for your boutique shop carries a lot more weight than it first seems. A quality sign will attract attention and drive footfall. Therefore, it makes sense to opt for quality material that will maintain its appearance for a long time, such as 651 vinyl, which is perfectly suited for outdoor settings through its durability and flexibility. 

Neon light signage can also be an eye-catcher if it is used strategically. 

Design an efficient store layout 

Stores can typically choose between 6 different floor plans depending on the space available, the products they sell, and the shopping experience they want to achieve. Most customers intuitively know how to navigate each layout plan. In a retail store, the floor plan determines the user experience, and therefore, building the right user experience can help retain customers. 

Make it Instagram-friendly

Encouraging visitors to post photos of your store online can boost your brand awareness. Design details can improve the Instagrammability of the store, creating free advertising through your design choices. 

The addition of plants to establish a green decor, for instance, can attract new visitors. A bright accent wall, which can be achieved through paint or indoor neon signage, is also an eye-catching backdrop for photos.  

Instagrammable shops can rapidly gain traction in their local community thanks to aesthetically pleasing photos posted by visitors!

Introduce unique offline offers

Customers who purchase in-store could benefit from a discount compared to those who purchase online, for example. Alternatively, you can also introduce happy hours or day-specific offers such as 2 cocktails for the price of 1 every Friday evening. 

Increasing footfall is all about giving people a reason to visit your store. Why do people go to stores? Typically, they are driven by any of the following reasons:

  • Curiosity
  • A previous positive experience
  • The desire to see something unique
  • A money-related offer


Therefore, it makes sense to design your store’s marketing strategies to tackle their unique needs, from using noticeable signage to creating an attractive decor.

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