5 Cool Ways to Make Money from Your Car

If you’re looking to make some extra cash on the side but don’t have much free time, you could use your car. You can work for the apps making part-time deliveries. You could also rent out your parking space, driveway, or even your car while you’re not using it. If you run your own business you could consider using your commercial vehicle to advertise your brand. Here are five cool ways to make money from your car. 

Do deliveries

Most delivery apps such as Uber Eats offer a flexible program. You can use your own vehicle and work as many hours as you like. You could choose to pick up a couple of shifts in your local area and make some extra cash in your free time. The benefit of working for these types of apps is that you don’t have to organize anything yourself, they’ll tell you where to go and when. Drivers are also protected.

Rent out your driveway or parking space

If you’re a fan of making money from your stuff when you’re not using it, you could rent out your driveway or parking space. Parking in the city can be competitive and expensive and there are apps you can use to offer your own space. You can strike a deal with an executive looking for a place nearer the office and charge them considerably less than a parking lot.

Rent out your car

You can even rent out your car itself using apps such as Hyre car. The car-sharing market is on the rise and many people are attracted by this cheaper option. Remember safety first if you’re hiring out your car. You don’t want to end up liable for any accidents. Speak to your insurance provider and double-check what you need. It might be worth finding more about what happens in the case of an accident by checking out the chp incident page. All the details of accidents are registered and you can use these to speak to your insurance company.

Add your branding

If you run your own business you could get a wrap for your commercial vehicle. This is a fun and easy way to advertise your brand by simply driving around town. If you’re in need of some inspiration for your wrap here are some expert design tips. Use your car to get recognition for your brand and make a name for yourself in the local community. 

Work as a driver

You can work as a driver part-time and it’s pretty much as flexible as the app delivery services. There are certain driver requirements but the system is usually quite easy to manage. If you work for Uber, for example, you can choose whether you’d like to provide the standard service or a more luxurious ride. You can also decide on your working hours bearing in mind rush hour and night-time rates. Using your own vehicle is a more flexible option and you can make some extra cash when you need it.

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