5 Entertainment Options for the Workplace

Written by: Rayanne Morriss

Your employees spend a lot of their daily time working hard and need a break or a way to stay engaged and happy in the workplace. That is why the right entertainment is an ideal solution for employers at all kinds of companies holding small occasions to large corporate events. There are tons of options available at all price points for creating memorable experiences. Take a look at our favorite contemporary ideas for taking the workplace to the next level.

Painting Party

This is a cool way of introducing employees to the wonderful world of art and social painting. The art studio comes to your workplace, and you get to be Picasso for a day. It is fun and colorful and lets everyone show their artistic skills. Employees will paint along with the artist and their colleagues with step-by-step instruction, and each painter takes home a completed painting. Social painting is an excellent way of team building and lets workers approach a project from a different perspective and relate to one another on an entirely new level. It is inspiring and a great mood-booster as well. It’s no secret that happy employees equal efficient, productive employees.

Puppies At Work

Aww, they’re so darn cute! Who doesn’t like to snuggle with or pet an adorable pooch? There are actual puppy therapy services that have become a big hit for those companies looking to boost employee morale, fight stress and encourage team bonding in the workplace. It’s so simple to set up. The therapy service arrives at your office with a litter of lovable little pooches for workers to take a break and play with. The simple exercise has great benefits and allows employees to regroup, refocus and re-energize. The pups also get something out of the event, and that includes socialization to help them grow into happy, healthy dogs.

Amusement Fun

There is nothing quite like playing pinball on a retro arcade machine, trying your skill at skee ball, or stepping into a cash-blowing money machine to see how much you can scoop up. Employees have a blast when these kinds of nostalgic entertainment rentals are chosen for a workplace event. Workers get to blow off a little steam, engage in unique recreation and share the moments with their fellow employees. People of all ages enjoy reliving the classic arcade experience, and when the action comes to town, it is hard to resist.

Cooking Class

Who would turn down a delicious meal at work? Now you can plan a great afternoon for the office by bringing in a local chef and having an onsite cooking class. Every worker takes part, and no one goes away hungry, and imagine the lovely aroma wafting through the office. There aren’t any hula hoops involved or any strenuous activity, and employees don’t have to worry if they can’t fry an egg. Everyone brings something to the table so to speak, and food is the great unifier that joins folks together in laughter and spirit. Your workers will happily cook, eat and bond and hopefully, bring home their new skills to their kitchen.

Board Game Tournament

Nope, you don’t have to leave the office for this one, either. You could organize one big game for the office and watch how competitive employees become against each other. There are all kinds of games you can play, including a deck of cards, Jenga, Apples to Apples and many others. Also, there can be prizes for first, second and third place. That always ensures interest, fun and winning. The board game tournament can be organized so that workers sign up for specific time slots when they have some free minutes to leave their desks and play the game. Playing board games helps to enhance employee relationships. It’s also inexpensive, great for companies of smaller sizes, improves lateral thinking and working as a team.

Many of us spend 40 hours working at the office five days a week and others, even more. It is easy to feel burnt out, bored, frustrated and in the dumps. That is why bringing some entertainment into the workplace atmosphere is good for the soul.

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