5 Items to Collect that Could Bring in Extra Cash

If you enjoy browsing through thrift stores or second-hand online stores, you might just end up coming across something of value. There are certain items you can collect that you can later resell for a profit. This requires a bit of skill and experience, however. You need an eye for picking out more desirable items with the potential to bring in extra cash. The most important thing is to buy things you like rather than just as an investment. This way collecting will become more of an enjoyable hobby. Here are few types of items to look out for.

Vintage records

Vintage records are very popular with music lovers and collectors alike. They can be expensive, however, and you need to know which ones will be a valuable investment. Here are a few tips on How to Buy Used Vinyl Records to help you. It’s quite easy to get hold of vintage records, but the rarer the better. Also, take the artwork into consideration as this will add value to the record.

Designer accessories

You’d be surprised how many designer clothes and accessories are sold second-hand for next to nothing. If you come across a designer bag online, for example, do some research into the range. There are plenty of designer resale sites you can use to sell your clothes and accessories. With a bit of business savvy, you can make a profit on pieces you’ve hardly worn or used.

Art photography

If you’re a fan of art photography then it’s a good idea to invest in a couple of pieces. Keep them in good condition in frames and they might be worth something someday. Check out local artists on social media and try to figure out if they have potential. If they’re developing a name for themselves it might be the right time to invest. Ensure any pieces you buy are autographed to prove authenticity. 

Children’s toys

Perhaps you have some old toys in the attic and are looking to make money off your collections. Toys relating to popular movies are particularly valuable, especially if the range has been discontinued. With these types of toys and memorabilia, it’s advisable to keep them in the original packaging. If you spot any antique toys at markets or online, find out if they have any markings or labels that suggest their origin. It may be more difficult to value them if not.

Sports memorabilia

Sports memorabilia is a fun option for any sports fan. If you get anything autographed, get a selfie with the athlete as extra proof. Forgery of these items is unfortunately quite common. If you’re unsure of the value of your collection, you can check out this sports memorabilia price guide to give you an idea. It’s always better to collect items you’re interested in, even if it’s only a couple of things. This makes the process of trading much more exciting. Collecting is not the most secure way to invest your money, so it’s important to enjoy it.

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