5 Tips for Improving the Curb Appeal of Your Storefront

Written by: Samantha Higgins

The way your business looks makes a difference, both inside and out. The inside of your business is where you’ll make important deals and hold meetings. You’ll also serve guests, and you want to make sure consumers have a positive impression of your company.

However, you have to make sure the outside of your business looks just as appealing as the inside. Curb appeal can make potential customers stop by your company and see what you have to offer. That means the exterior of your building has to be professional, and attractive, and match the “personality” of your company.

Here are 5 tips to keep in mind when you want to make your storefront look its best.

Parking and Landscaping

You should make sure that your lawn is manicured. Depending on how much space you have, you may want to plant a few border shrubs or flowers near the front of your commercial space. Your parking lot should look inviting as well. The parking for your business should be clearly designated. If you live in the Dallas area, contact a company that specializes in parking lot striping in Dallas TX to create or improve the look of parking spaces. This makes your storefront more welcoming.

Signage and Displays

It’s important to have clear, easy-to-read signage at the front of your building. The signs can let customers know if you have new products, if a product is back in stock, or if you have a special sale or promotion. Display posters of your items or hang some of your products in the window to get the attention of customers who pass by your storefront. Make sure your windows are clean and add lighting around the windows to make your company stand out during evening hours.


You can give your business a visual boost with a fresh coat of paint. Painting your commercial building in colors that coordinate with your logo can increase brand recognition. You can also paint your building according to the characteristics of your business. For instance, if you sell learning toys for children, you can paint your building in bold primary colors. This lets potential customers know that the business is kid-friendly. However, if you own an accounting firm, you may want to colors like gray and blue to paint your building. These hues show that your company is committed to quality and trustworthiness.

Keep the Storefront Clean

No matter how many beautiful decorations you have at the front of your business, you have to keep the area clean. This lets your customers know that you’re professional and organized. If you have plants near the front of the business, keep them trimmed. If there are dried leaves on the sidewalk or trash in the parking lot, remove these items as soon as possible. Hire a professional team to clean your gutters as well to make sure there are no leaves or debris in the gutter that could cause major plumbing issues. Be sure to wash the windows daily as well so our displays are easier to see.

Add a Sidewalk Display

If you have a long or spacious sidewalk leading to your business, use this space for a product display. You can line the sidewalk with flags that showcase your logo or company colors. Include signs that motivate customers to come into your business and test your products or receive a free gift. If you have products that people want to try right away, such as a snack or beverage, you can ask one of your team members to stand at the booth you’ve created to give samples to people who are heading into your business or a nearby company. New customers are more likely to remember your products and services if they get a sample of what you have to offer. These customers are also more likely to post positive reviews about your business, which will attract more consumers in the coming months and years.

These tips can make your business more popular in your community. Since most people are on social media these days, you should also post pictures of the changes you make to your business so your followers can see how you’ve updated your company.

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