Does Your Business Have All Its Bases Covered?

Although most businesses are very thorough, there are always going to be situations that make even the most cautious of business owners go “why didn’t I think about that?”. Whether it’s a policy you forgot to include in your company’s guidelines or a niche piece of equipment that you simply forgot to order for your staff to use, you’re always going to miss things because no one is perfect.


However, you can at least attempt to fix those issues you might have by taking a look at the following list of easily forgotten components that your business needs to survive.

Employee satisfaction

Far too many businesses neglect employee development and it has to stop. Your employees typically don’t join you because they want a job. Instead, they join you because they either have no choice and need the income or because they want a career instead. There is a difference between a career and a job and it’s important that you of all people (the business owner) have to understand the difference.

For starters, a career is something that you can invest in over a long period of time. If someone was serious about a career in music, then they would purchase instruments, play for free to get their name out there or join various brands for the sake of exposure. The same counts for your employees; if you offer them a career and not just a job, they’ll be motivated to improve their skills and develop in order to become a more useful member of your company. Ultimately, caring about employee satisfaction will help you succeed as a business.

Internet protection

We often think of ways to protect our business physically. For instance, we might install CCTV cameras or alarm systems, but what about the internet? Sure, we might have hardware firewalls and antivirus software, but we typically don’t think about denial of service attacks. DDoS attacks work by sending a large amount of requests at your servers. For instance, instead of a single person accessing their personal data on your server, it might be thousands of requests happening at a single time which would slow down your service to a crawl.

To prevent this, you need to rely on DDoS protection. Not only does it filter out spam requests, it helps to keep your website running smoothly and protect it from threats.

Legal issues


Every business needs a lawyer. It doesn’t have to be an in-house one and it doesn’t need to be a specialised one. However, if you want to be prepared for angry customers or disgruntled staff members that want to accuse you of something, then you better have a lawyer on your team ready to swat false claims and annoying complaints. If you don’t have a legal team prepared, then you’re painting a target on yourself and you’ll probably lose a lot of money should someone decide to take advantage of it.


They can attempt to defame you, post nasty comments and bad reviews to lower your reputation, or even request money from you for ridiculous reasons. If you want to avoid these situations, then consider getting to know a lawyer and have him shield you against weak legal threats.

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