How to Delegate: Saving Time with your Small Business

For the young entrepreneur or small business owner, managing time is usually an exercise that involves a whole lot of borrowing-from-Peter-to-pay-Paul, long nights, working lunches, last minute cram sessions and basically becoming an acrobat of space and time to get everything done. 


The rushed, frenzied world of new business can be very exciting at first; you’re watching your hard work and extreme dedication pay off in the form of success, and that’s a very rewarding feeling, not to mention, a huge motivator. But if you continue that way long-term, eventually you’re going to fall victim to one of the biggest pitfalls of young business people: the dreaded burnout. 

Everyone, regardless of age and how much they love their job, needs to take a break now and again. We get it: you want to be hands on with your business, in control, always at the deck, giving it your all. But delegated just a few simple tasks to lighten your workload will not only save you some time, but it’ll keep your head clear for the really important projects, freeing up time that you could be spending growing your business rather than focusing on the every day humdrum. 

For example: many young business people have begun to hire associates to take care of things like accounting, HR and payroll. Even if they can’t afford to hire a permanent employee for their small business or start up, they’re hiring independent contractors and freelance administrators to help with these tasks in the short term, or to work part-time. Accounting and finance staffing don’t have to be permanent fixtures, if you only need them for a day or two a week, or for a particularly busy season. Hiring staff to delegate to can be done however is most convenient for you, however it works for your business or brand. 

Another area where people are starting to hire part-time or freelance employees to delegate is in the area of marketing. It can be fun to do your own marketing, but if you really want to expand your business, it’s going to require someone who can dedicate all their time to marketing and PR, at least for a while. Someone who is going to focus on social media, branding, SEO, writing, and more. While it’s possible to do all of that yourself, why would you, when you can have a fresh set of eyes, a unique perspective, and someone to lighten the load? 

You may be worried about affordability when it comes to delegating and hiring staff. Many sites exist online where freelancers and prospective employees allow you to bid on their work, or offer their services for really reasonable rates. Check out some of these sites to find great candidates who are qualified, affordable and eager to work with you. Taking the time to hire a couple of people to ease up your workload will benefit you and your business in more ways than you can count.

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