From Fleeting Idea to Fleet: Growing Your Business Idea

The tasks associated with starting any business are multifarious. When we have an idea it can be the most exciting bit of developing a business and seeing it through to something tangible. But developing this initial idea is the hardest bit of all. The idea needs to have legs, but it also requires a sufficient amount of background research. What does it really take to develop a business idea from something that is a fleeting thought all the way through to a fleet of cargo?

Consider the Niche

Whether you are starting a business or you have a product that you want to get out there you’ve got to look at the needs of the industry and the consumers within that industry. Are there any problems that are unresolved? You have to remember that a business idea is providing a solution to something that hasn’t been around yet. This is why it’s important for you to develop your knowledge of the industry. Background research and analyzing the relevant markets are so important. It’s also a lot easier these days to access information. When you start to consider the industry your idea is suitable for, you may encounter certain challenges. But that’s not to say you should stop at this hurdle. You may need to alter or tailor your products or business accordingly.

Expanding Your Ideas

An idea needs to “have legs.” When people are so excited by an idea, they want to jump on it straight away. The most important thing for anybody is to give it time. Much like any scriptwriter needs to put the script away and let it mature in the mind of the creator, the same thing needs to happen with your idea. An idea is something that needs to mature and having the time to let ideas and extensions to these ideas accumulate is part of the creative process. The best that you can do is to make sure you have everything in one handy package. You can use note-taking software but you should also think about creating an inventor’s journal if you are creating a product. An inventor’s journal is not just a handy place to put all of your notes, but it is a legal document that can be signed by a witness should any illegal issues occur further down the line.

Conducting a Competitive Analysis

This is crucial to identifying your competitors and determining their strengths and weaknesses in comparison to what you have to offer. This can take time to develop and it’s something that you shouldn’t skimp upon. Gathering the relevant information will arm you better to plan your attack. You can find a very useful guide on Myk Pono to get you started, but you have to remember that it is something you cannot overlook. You’ve got to gain perspective of where you are in the market. Conducting a competitive analysis is the perfect way to understand and how you can bring meaning to people’s lives with your idea.

Testing Your Idea

When you are looking to see if your idea is able to work in the real world, it is vital to go through the stage. Creating a mockup of your plan gives you a better feel for the idea. When you are creating a product, it’s important to put a prototype together. There are companies like Rapid PSI that provide 3D printing prototyping services so you can get a feel for this. When you start to see if your idea is able to work in the real world you can make the relevant alterations. This can be the most difficult part of all. Getting feedback on something that you think is pitch-perfect when it actually isn’t is hard to take on board. But that’s not to say your idea is imperfect. It’s vital to remember that when you go through this stage constructive criticism is crucial.

The Last Hurdle

After making the necessary adjustments it is time to to unveil the product or the business. Making it as perfect as possible before it is available to the public depends on what type of product it is. There are many businesses that have gone to market with an imperfect idea and have managed to tweak it as they go. It all depends on your budget and your capabilities. But when you start to unveil the product, be sure that you can measure the results. It can be a very uncertain time, and this is why analytics is so important. And in fact, this is something that you will continue to revisit not just in the first 6 months of your business but throughout your business is life. From a fleeting idea to a fleet of items, growing a business is a fantastic and exciting time.


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