How to Grow Your Business Online

Most businesses are online these days but just having a website isn’t enough. You need to be able to encourage people to visit your site, navigate through your site and then convert into a paying customer. This might mean that they have bought something from you like a service or a product or it might mean that they have signed up for a newsletter.

If you want to expand your business quickly and improve your profitability, then the best way to go about this is to look at your online presence and identify the places where you should be getting more bang for your buck.

Here are a few tips to get you started on your quest to better business efficiency:

Use SEO practices

Search engine optimization is possibly the most obvious place to start. This is where you make sure that your site is appearing as close to the top of the search engine rankings as possible to increase the chance of getting clicks. Keyword research, competitor analysis and site structure all play a huge role in SEO and getting your website noticed. Try using King Kong SEO reviews to identify the areas you need to prioritise and improve to boost your business up to page 1.

Make the Marketing Funnel Easy to Navigate

If you find that customers are looking at your products or services but aren’t either buying or getting in touch, then you have a problem with the marketing funnel. The funnel is essentially the way you expect customers to navigate through your site from entrance to conversion.


You might have customers start by reading a blog and clicking through to the relevant page on your site. From here there should be a clear link for them to make a purchase or get in touch. There are a few reasons this may not be working as you intend. The link to the page you want to direct them to could be broken meaning that they simply don’t get to the conversion point. It might also be that a link on the conversion page such as a ‘pay now’ button isn’t obvious enough. Use analytics to see where most customers drop off and focus in on that page to figure out where the problems lie.


Use Online Ads and Re-marketing Strategies

If you have already gone social, then you really should try PPC (pay per click). Search engine ads are all keyword targeted meaning that they only appear when they are relevant to the searcher’s keyword. This is good because this way your ad is only presented to people who are likely to be interested enough to click.

Re-marketing is another form of online advertising that makes use of cookies to follow your customers around the internet on different sites and search engines. In fact, it is the best way to remind someone who has visited your site that they looked at a product but didn’t complete the action. This encourages them to click and have another look giving you a second opportunity to persuade them to convert.


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