How to Expedite Shipping Processes Affordably

Written by: Jennifer James

Expediting shipping affordably is not a term that many people are conversant with. This is because many people are exposed to exhaustive shipping processes that make shipping look complicated. Even though shipping may involve a lot of variables, that is not the right approach to take. Below are some ideas that can guide your shipping so that you can maximize affordability.

Weighing and Reducing Dimensions of Your Package

It is common knowledge that heavier packages cost more during shipping unless you are using flat-rate shipping. Therefore, if you are shipping from home, it is wise to invest in postage scales to aid you in cost prediction and purchase of the right labels. Instead of being blinded by weight, it is essential that you consider the shipment dimensions. You must understand that when using a big box to transport a small item, you will pay more for space. As such, it is wise if you capitalize on the weight and dimensions of the shipment.

Reducing Shipping Distance

When using Sea Freight Services, many companies pay more shipping fees for destinations that are too far. As such, it is essential to understand concepts such as carrier ship zones used for domestic shipments. In most cases, zones are used to measure the shipment distance from where it was sent from. Therefore, the further away the shipping destination is, the more expensive the cost of the shipment will be. It would be best if you avoided shipping to higher zones as they are slower and costly. This can help you save more money by partnering with businesses that have several fulfillment centers.

Finding Discounted Supplies and Rates

Most shipping companies provide businesses with discounted or free packing boxes and envelopes. If you don’t have a packaging box, you can decide to buy bubble wrap that can save money. Due to this, do not let more initial packaging costs discourage you but rather help you reduce the money you spend on shipping. In some cases, free shipping supplies are also an option.

Conversely, most shipping companies can offer you pricing discounts based on the products purchased. In this case, you don’t have to be shipping many orders a month to get these discounts. Besides, it is not wrong to negotiate for volume discounts as a loyal customer. This is because it is a rule of thumb in most companies that the more packages you ship, the better rates you are given.

Embrace Prepaid Shipping

In most prepaid shipping boxes, you can reduce up to 20 percent on your shipping costs by purchasing shipping labels. You do not have to let the labels stay affix on the shipment before it is released. Practicing prepaid shipping will also save time for you. This is because continuous buying of products that contain the same weight and dimensions will reduce the time spent to measure and ensure the accuracy in the shipping costs calculated.

Consider Using Hybrid Services

By using some of the hybrid shipping services, your shipment is going to be handled by carriers to a sorting facility. At this point, it is then shipped to your residential area as the final step of shipping. Using carries can cut the cost you spend importing a product for up to 50 percent. However, the use of carriers might not be convenient for all, as it is slower, and dimensions, weight, and volume are specified.

Insure Your Shipment

One way of insuring your shipment is by using a third party. This helps you to cut on costs depending on the value of the shipment. When shipping important equipment or products, shipping insurance is essential. Moreover, third party insurance packages are recommended as they are cheaper and correspond well with most customers.

Consider Using Poly Mailers

If you participate in selling products that are not fragile, such as clothing, a poly mailer may be a good option. It boasts of smaller dimensions and is more cost-effective than a box. Due to the less space it takes in a truck, you will save on costs that would have been paid if a box was used. Shipping has never been as affordable and easy as now. Ensure that you use our tips to conduct your next shipping activity and save more costs and time.


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