How To Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy In 2022


Content marketing is currently one of the most effective marketing tools, and its popularity is proof of the results it promises. It produces up to three times more per dollar you spend and costs 62% less than traditional marketing strategies. For example, research shows that over 60% of consumers in the US make purchases after reading comments and reviews from online blogs. And with the digital world expected to continue growing, you can expect content marketing strategies to dominate the world of online marketing. So, whether you’re already reaping the full benefits of content marketing or thinking about how to start, here are some trends worth exploring that will improve your 2022 strategy.

A focus on customer retention


The customer is always at the heart of content marketing. Although the strategy can be used to acquire new customers, it is important to ensure your content marketing strategy also retains your existing customers. Keeping your loyal customers can help increase your customer base. Also, customer retention is always less expensive than acquiring new clients.



Marketing technology is constantly evolving. Content marketers have incorporated various tech solutions to create, deliver, manage, and scale content more effectively and efficiently in the past years. But the tech landscape is still quite new, and there’s increasing pressure to deliver solutions that can help push content that matches the rest of the digital experience. New MarTech solutions will continue to emerge and evolve with enhanced features to make content marketing more efficient. 

Data-centered content 


With each online search, query, or purchase, data gathered increases. With so much information currently available in the digital space, data-centered content should be of prime importance to any content marketer. But where should you focus your marketing efforts? The answer is pretty simple: data analysis. That means content marketers must learn to analyze data in ways that allow them to share information more efficiently. 

Data plus human intelligence


As mentioned previously, your ability to make the most out of the flooding amount of data in the current digital space is what matters. That means testing and running the information available by human intelligence, analyzing the stats, crunching the numbers. For example, data available may indicate that people of a younger age group prefer a specific product, but human intelligence may reveal that they only purchase those products for aging adults they live with. 

Going beyond the keyword search optimization


The modern consumer is becoming increasingly sophisticated with how they conduct online searches. This is because there are more options available beyond text search. It is no longer enough for a content marketer to analyze keyword data, especially when popular search engines now serve up multiformat responses to keyword search. You’ll now find videos, images, podcasts, shopping recommendations, and so on, all in response to a keyword search. And a content marketer’s ability to analyze and use the various formats will be key. Business owners should build a custom website that allows them to take advantage of keyword searches.  

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