How to Use Influencer Video Marketing to Grow Your Brand

Written by: Dorian Martin

Video content has taken the world of marketing by storm. Brands and marketers alike turn to videos to boost brand awareness and increase sales. Considering the rapid increase of video content, Cisco predicts that videos will account for 82% of all online traffic by 2022.

However, the competitiveness of branded video content imposes the following question:

How can you entice people to watch precisely your video?

This is where influencer video marketing steps onto the scene. The statistic shows that 63% of people trust influencer messages more than brand messages. This is why influencer videos can be a powerful marketing tool.

To learn more about influencer video marketing and how you can use it to grow your brand, just keep reading.

What Is Influencer Video Marketing?

Influencer marketing has seen an incredible rise in the past few years. The same happened with the video content in content marketing. That’s when some clever minds decided to combine the two. What surfaced is influencer video marketing.

In influencer video marketing brands reach out to influencers to work on a video project. Typically, the influencer is the creator of the video but the brand has to approve the content before it is published.

Video material can be posted on social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube.

But what do influencers bring to the table? And how can adding influencer video marketing to your digital marketing strategy increase your brand’s growth? The answers are in the following lines.

How Can Influencer Video Marketing Boost Your Brand’s Growth?

Collaboration with influencers gives brands an opportunity to take a new approach to win over potential customers. Some of the ways in which influencer video marketing can influence brands’ growth are:

Lower cost

Creating high-quality brand videos can get quite expensive. You need to set up an in-house recording studio, hire a videographer, video editor, copywriter, etc. The whole video production exceeds the marketing budget of some brands.

On the other hand, low-quality videos will pass unnoticed. Especially in the sea of professionally made brand videos. This is why influencers present the perfect cost-saving solution.

The influencer can create a video so you don’t need to pay a team of people. Moreover, the influencer will bring your video guaranteed views.


Influencers already have an established authority among their followers. Therefore, if they share something about your brand, the followers will trust them. Brands can hardly earn that kind of trust with people who encounter their products for the first time.

Reaching new people

Working with influencers can open the doors to a wider audience. Consequently, you’ll raise brand awareness with a single video. With the help of the influencer, your company will earn the status of a trustworthy brand.

Fresh content ideas

Marketing demands that you consistently surface new ways of promoting your products, services, or innovative business ideas. In influencer video marketing the burden of writing fresh content can be shared with an influencer. They are typically in charge of making the video content so your products can be promoted through a new perspective.

7 Tips for Starting Influencer Video Marketing Campaigns

If you are ready to give influencer video marketing a try, you’ll need some guidelines. Take into account the following tips before you dive into the restless waters of influencer video marketing.

1. Set your goals

What do you want to achieve with your influencer video? Do you want to grow your list of subscribers or get people to learn about your brand?

Defining your goals will affect the kind of content you’ll create and which influencer can carry out that task. Therefore, the goals need to be set first.

2. Identify the right influencers

Without the right influencer, the outreach can be in vain. You need to identify the influencer who aligns with your brand’s vision and goals.

Make sure that you thoroughly check influencers’ social media content and their engagement rate. The more they interact with followers, the better. 

You can also find a partner for influencer videos among your loyal customers. Use social monitoring tools, like Google Alerts or Hootsuite to track your brand mentions. If one of your customers has an acceptable number of followers and great content, they might be the perfect fit for video collaboration.

3. Get in touch

Some brands find influencers on influencer marketing software platforms. So their collaboration is streamlined.

However, if you are reaching out to influencers directly, here are some useful tips:

  • Personalize every message
  • Show appreciation for their work
  • Be open about your goals
  • Ask for influencer’s insight

4. Find a balance between flexibility and control

Collaboration with influencers demands flexibility. Influencers are creators and you need to give them the freedom to create. They know what their followers like best, so they will be better at creating suitable content.

On the other hand, you also need to establish some ground rules. Set a timeline, check-in with influencers on their progress, and state in advance that you need to approve the video before it gets out.

5. Find the right strategy

There are various types of influencer marketing videos. If you don’t know where to start and what kind of video to make, here are some suggestions:

  • Run giveaways and contests – Increase engagement and visibility by teaming up with influencers on a giveaway.
  • Share your brand story – Get influencers to tell your brand story in a way that will appeal to their followers. They can also share their personal opinion on what makes your brand unique.
  • Let an influencer share a review – An influencer can create a video in which he or she shares an honest review video or testimonial video of your product.
  • Get influencers to add campaign-specific hashtags – Boost the popularity of your new campaign by adding a campaign-specific hashtag in an influencer’s video. The video doesn’t even have to revolve around your brand, the influencer can simply mention your product.
  • Support a causeCone Communications reported that 80% of customers are willing to buy from an unknown brand if the brand is strongly committed to fulfilling its corporate social responsibility. Collaborate with influencers to support a cause and win over new customers.

6. Encourage users to interact with the video

Interaction and engagement with your influencer video are very important. The more people engage with the video, you’ll be able to gain secondary influencers. They are the ones that will share the influencer’s post.

Encourage interaction by inviting people to leave a comment. Or, the influencer can direct followers to your brand. If you want to boost brand interaction, the influencer can leave a link in the description that will lead to the chatbots page or customer support.

7. Measure the growth

Analyze the success of your influencer video marketing campaigns to make smarter decisions. Base your analysis on your goals.

For example, if your goal is to grow your social media page, track the number of new followers generated from influencer’s videos. If you collaborate with several influencers, analyze who has the biggest success rate.


Final Thoughts

With the help of influencer video marketing, brands can achieve their goals much faster. Influencers can bring you credibility and wider audience reach. Without the influencer, this would take much more effort.

Working with influencers is an investment. For that reason, take your time to identify the perfect influencer and come up with an impactful video campaign. The right influencer and engaging video content can do wonders for your brand’s expansion.

BIO: Dorian Martin is a social media marketing specialist, writing expert, and editor. He studied in a business school and continued to develop his knowledge in the fields of digital marketing. Currently, Dorian works as a social media marketer and educational expert at digital marketing conferences. He is also considered to be one of the best essay writers. He works for the academic writing projects GetGoodGrade and and loves providing students with supreme papers and essays. Along with all of that, Dorian runs his blog.

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