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Getting ahead in business these days relies on modern tools and techniques. The internet is one such tool for marketing, social media, and data analysis. But there are other internet services that can help transform your business and modernize internal procedures. Most are easy to use, and many tools are even free. Here are some of the best services you can use.

Licensed Music and Video Streaming

You can help your business by using visual and audio systems that connect to video and music streaming platforms. Say, for instance, that you run an electronics store. In that case, you could connect your systems to a streamer like SiriusXM music for business products to show off how good your products are. You can also play licensed music all over your store to make it a better place to shop. But also make it a better place to work by helping employees to stay motivated.

Internet Services Include Cloud-Based Collaboration

During the pandemic, tools for working together have been very helpful. Nearly 60% of office workers use tools for working together every day at work. Putting your systems in the cloud gives your employees a stable place to work on projects together in a safe way. It also makes sure that anyone can help with work at any time and from anywhere. They are also very helpful for giving employees who are sick, disabled, or new parents the chance to work from home.

Easy-to-Use CMS Software

The quality of your Content Management System is the foundation of a good eCommerce store or website gateway for your business (CMS). WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal are all kinds of CMS packages. But many website builders, like Wix, GoDaddy, and Shopify, come with CMS services that are very good. Some are better for business because they have better controls than others. For instance, Wix works well with social media sites and can link with them.

Data Analytics Tools

You may have heard of data analytics, even if you don’t use it yourself. Data analytics involves looking at data sets to find patterns and draw conclusions about the information they contain. They help make smart choices about what to do next. Here are some of the best:

  • Google Analytics is a great way to track metrics about a website.
  • Tableau is used to look at and understand data.
  • RapidMiner is a platform for building products that use machine learning (ML).
  • KNIME is used to make workflows for Data Science.
  • Power BI offers visualizations that you can interact with.

Google Analytics is the one most people know about because it is free and can be linked directly to your website. You can use data analytics tools to evaluate every part of your business, such as KPI metrics, employee productivity goals, and sales goals.

Real-Time Financial and Accounting Software

Budget goals and business plans are a must when running a company. But you also need to keep track of your taxes, spending, and income. Apps like Quickbooks offer easy-to-use statement services and real-time information about finances. For example, you can link your business bank accounts to Quickbooks. And all transactions, whether they are going in or out, are automatically added to your statement so that accounting can find them quickly.

Reliable Servers are Internet Services

Obviously, if you want to do anything online, you need a connection that is reliable, stable, and safe. You might be tempted to choose the cheapest internet service for your business. But this could be wrong. You should look for things like uptime, security management, and good customer service. Vodafone, EE, and Zen Internet are just a few of the best. Even though these might cost a little more than others, the services they provide are worth the extra money.

Outsourced, Remotely Managed IT

Today, outsourcing is a big business, and more than 90% of small and medium-sized companies outsource at least one core service. IT is a very important service to outsource for many reasons. One reason is that it costs a lot to manage IT in-house. Yet, a remotely managed IT service can give almost as much help as a full-time team for a fraction of the price. Updates, network management, and cybersecurity are some of the most crucial services you can get.


Your business probably relies on one or more web-based services. In short, it’s a challenge to run a modern business without using the internet. Some of the best internet services that can help your business include music streaming, data analytics tools, and managed IT services.

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