Is It Time To Redesign Your Website?

If your website has been up and running for a while, its redesign may be essential to ensure it reaches its full potential. Before embarking on this process, you should know what the steps are and how each of them will unfold. Here are the different stages of a website redesign project! Some companies want to design a great web application tool to run alongside. That is why it’s vital to look at a company such as Inspry

Redesigning your website

1- Define your goals

Before moving forward with your redesign process, start by identifying the goals you want to achieve it for. Ask yourself the following questions:


  • Is my website suitable for different screen sizes?
  • Does it offer a good user experience?
  • Does it reflect my company’s values ​​while being a compelling promotional tool?
  • Does its design need to be renewed?
  • Does its loading speed need to be improved?
  • Is it functional and well organized?
  • What about its SEO? Does it meet the expectations of search engines?
  • Is there a lack of content?


You guessed it: the list of things that can motivate you is long and we could lengthen it even a long time. It is up to you to develop this list according to the needs of your business and take care to prioritize it. Make sure that what is on your list shows achievable and achievable goals that you can measure the performance of once your website redesign is complete.

A particular point concerning the redesign of a website should be underlined here, as we approach the premises of this project: the target audience. Obviously, your site and the very reason for its existence are motivated by the desire to reach certain segments of the public which are also called personas.


Indeed, it will be absolutely essential to have their needs in mind at each step, otherwise the strategies put in place to ensure the effectiveness of your website and the achievement of your objectives will be in vain.

2- Audit your website 

The next step that must be accomplished is logically that of auditing your site. By performing the audit of your site, you will be able to obtain relevant data on a set of aspects such as the age, gender and origin of Internet users who visit your website as well as their requests, as well as your rates of conversion. Also, you will be able to know your positioning in the search engines. To obtain these indicators, there is no need to remind yourself of the relevance of using the data provided by Google analytics.


In another step, an audit will allow you to better assess the relevance of the design of your website and its ergonomics. Does the segmentation of information and the font make it easier to read? Is more important content highlighted? And what about the visual aspect of the site itself, could it be aesthetically more pleasing? Have you incorporated enough calls to action and are they prominently displayed? Here is a set of questions that you can answer by auditing your content. Are you looking for an agency for your website redesign project? What is more, you will be able to assess whether your site is really functional and whether the Internet users who visit it can easily navigate on it, in particular in its different sections such as the footer, the main menu and the secondary menu. Apart from the actual site navigation, the loading time as well as the ability of your website to adapt to mobile devices and various screen sizes will also come under scrutiny.  As for the aspects relating to the SEO audit, the following elements will be analyzed:


  • Titles and subtitles
  • The meta descriptions
  • URLs
  • Inbound and outbound links
  • Keywords
  • The sources of the traffic
  • The coding of your site
  • The content of the pages.

Choose the supplier or website creation agency you will work with

To make sure you don’t waste your time getting quotes from both sides, make a list of questions you will need to answer to decide whether or not it is justified to go to the next stage:


  • Does the agency have a good reputation?
  • Is it able to meet my needs?
  • Is their level of expertise sufficient to meet my needs?
  • Will it be possible to follow up on the stages of the redesign of my website?
  • Does the price she asks for correspond to the budget I have?
  • Do they offer support after the work is complete? 
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