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If you’ve had a website created for you and you want to make some money, you’ve come to the right place. Websites are a great way to make some money as a side project or as your full-time income, once you’ve got enough visitors to your site. The way you make money can be achieved in a number of ways – through ad revenues such as Google Ads, you could look into SAAS development and make an application that you promote through your site (Office 365 is a great example of this), or you could look into affiliate marketing (Skyscanner is a perfect example). Whichever method you opt for, the key to success is consistency and determination. 


Below we look into three different ways to make money from your website. 

Make money through ad revenues 

Bringing in an income through online ads is a popular and successful method that a lot of online sites opt for when making money from their website. There are a number of popular ad companies that you can sign up for (as mentioned above) Google is a very popular one. They are easy to sign up for and the amount you earn depends on the number of visitors to the pages they are on and how many clicks you get to the ad. Some ad companies will require a minimum amount of monthly views whereas others will accept you as a new site. 

Make money through affiliate marketing 

Another successful method that people turn to in order to make money from their site is through affiliate marketing. A lot of big companies that you will have heard of run off affiliate marketing, such as SkyScanner or Martin Lewis. The way affiliate marketing works is that you advertise a company’s product and then make a percentage of the sales you make for them. For example, every flight that is booked from SkyScanner, they will earn a percentage from that booking. Affiliate marketing is very scalable, the more visitors you can get to your site, the greater your earnings may be. A lot of reputable affiliate schemes will have a good CRM system that you can log into, in order to track how much you are making. 

Make money through a subscription service 

A subscription service is another avenue to go down when looking to make some money from your website. What a lot of magazines do is charge a monthly subscription which you will pay in order to access their content. The content you access behind the paywall will often be exclusive and more in depth, to try and help you justify paying the monthly cost. A live example of a company who uses subscription service money to generate some revenue for their website would be the Telegraph. 


We hope our guide above has helped give you some knowledge into several ways to make money through a website. You may want to try one of the methods above and see how you do. Alternatively, you could try and combine a couple of the methods to diversify your income. 


What tips do you have for making money from an online website? Which of the above three methods do you think is easiest? Are there any methods that you think we should add to our list? Let us know in the comment box below.

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