Morale Matters: How To Build A Happy, Productive Team

It’s no secret that happy and healthy employees are more productive. As an employer, it’s essential to prioritize morale and take steps to protect your team and get the most out of every individual. Here are some tips to boost morale within your business. 

Support development and progression

Many people apply for jobs in the hopes that one day, they’ll have an opportunity to climb up the ladder. Supporting development and progression is incredibly advantageous for company bosses, as it increases the chances of keeping hold of star players at the same time as improving morale among employees. Employees who are ambitious and driven don’t want to feel like there are no chances to get ahead. If there are no jobs at a higher level available, or an employer automatically looks for external candidates when there is an opening, there’s a risk employees will look elsewhere. As the boss, you can encourage and facilitate progression by providing training, up-skilling your team and considering internal candidates for new or different roles. 

Show your employees that you care

Everybody wants to feel valued by their employer. If you devote a lot of time and energy to a job, it’s natural to want recognition for your efforts and endeavors. Showing your employees that you care can make a huge difference to morale, productivity and employee retention rates. There are several ways you can go about showing gratitude and appreciation. From simple things like organizing lunch on a Friday and planning a virtual social event to catch-up with remote teams to treating your employees to a day off on their birthday or buying presents and tokens, even the smallest gestures have an impact. The Internet is a great resource for good gifts for employees for all occasions, and you can also take inspiration from your team’s interests and get ideas from TV shows, books or business blogs. Plan a day out, treat your employees to a voucher or a gift certificate or send something special in the mail. 

Make time to listen

Communication is crucial for success in any team, but often, when we talk about communicating, we focus on talking. Listening is equally important. As an employer, it’s critical to take the time to listen to what your employees have to say. Encourage people to share ideas and thoughts in meetings, plan one-to-ones to get to know your staff better and try and be as approachable as possible. If people have concerns or issues, it’s beneficial for them to be able to talk to you or a senior member of the team. If you’re aware of problems, or your employees have ideas to improve morale or make operations more efficient, for example, you can use this feedback to make changes. 

Running a successful business doesn’t just boil down to bringing in orders and keeping customers content. It’s also vital to ensure that you have a happy, cohesive, productive team. If you’re an employer looking to boost morale, make time to listen, communicate with your employees, provide opportunities for development and progression and make sure every individual feels valued. 

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