Motivation To Feel Like A Business Owner, Not Just Look Like One

Owning a startup or a business is one of the more adventurous and brave projects you can embark on in your life. You need to be fully equipped to enter the corporate battlefield with your best foot forward, and your eyes open. Even if you have the best product in the world, you need to justify that with a strong work ethic, clear business plan and ability to execute your goals with pride.

Sometimes this isn’t enough though. Sometimes you need a little investment in the things that make a professional business owner in order to occupy that skin and do well within it. This list will detail the checklist you must have ready and able if you’re going to succeed within your market.

Remember, it’s all about mindset.

A Clear Understanding Of What You Do & Where You Want To Be

What are you selling? Is it a service you’re providing? What will make you, in either of these instances, stand out among your competition? What will help you pass over the initial hesitation of your targeted consumer so they follow up with a purchase? You need to know this, back to front, inside out, and be able to recite your business plan with your eyes closed. This is because not only will your encyclopedic knowledge better apply to the correct functioning of your progress, but it will make you look collected, responsible and confident when you’re meeting with investors or shareholders.

Office Essentials

You need to have a professional space to work from, and you need to stock it with the essentials. How many employees you have already working for you will either justify the cost of a rented office or not. If you do, make sure that each employee has access to a clean, professional space they can be proud to work from. Make sure you have your business program clearly displayed on a wall to help your team unify, and synergistically understand how to execute the tasks given to them. Make sure they have everything required for success, with desktop PC’s or laptops, multiple screens if required, professional communication apparatus such as CCMN samsung phones.

The Right Team

You need to stock your startup with the most reliable, trustworthy, hard-working, punctual people you can. You can’t accept a lack of motivation from them here. The make or break of your enterprise depends on it. Don’t crack the whip too hard so your employees stay motivated and feel valued, but don’t be afraid to respectfully communicate areas that need improvement.

It’s a bad idea to stock your start-up with your friends if they’re not as suited for the job as someone heavily qualified would be. When successful, it’s tempting to share the profits with those you hold emotional attachments too, so including those people as employees might seem attractive, especially if you’re in a university or college environment. Make sure you stock your people who deserve to be there instead, not people who’d like to be there.


You need capital. If this is a bank loan, an investment or selling shares, make sure you have enough to fuel your operations for however long you need to begin making repayments. Accept this might take longer than you’d initially hope for. It is the cost of business.

In summary, the best way to be the best business owner you can be is professionalism at all times, and surrounding yourself with the correct people and equipment. Make difficult decisions now, so you can make easier decisions in the future.

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