Reasons Why Startups Need To Go Social

By :  Patrick Panuncillon

Before the arrival of mass communication and digital opportunity, business plan is the name of the game. You provide the best product or service that you could search for financing options and labors manually at making ends meet to build your dream business in brick and mortar manner.


Fast forward to the present day; a business plan is no longer the medium. It’s the internet. And thanks to the rapid growth of digital society, the thing called “social media” have come to the surface. It’s the new digital spider web where we live and becomes the new battlefield of marketing and advertising giants.


Our integration with the internet is not independent of the meddlesome eyes of marketers and business owners. Or, in the case of business owners, you’re the one pitching to make a sale.


Below are the important reasons why startups need to go social and make a strong entry into the digital arena then stay relevant in the competition:

Start Now!

Marrying your business to social media may require a considerable amount of time, effort, money, and consistency. But, the easiest way to make things happen is to start. Start creating accounts and generating contents. And your mantra  must be “consistency.”

Social media is always hungry for something new, attention-grabbing and temperamental most of the time. Don’t be disheartened by small numbers right away. Remember, you’re business is still new, you’ll encounter a fair share of mistakes with valuable development lessons. You just need to keep supplying robust but reliable contents on your social channels.

There are various ways to generate engagements from the audience. Create a stable profile for your business, use hashtags and other concepts that will be beneficial for the business.

Content Is Both King and Queen

The idea here is that, if your content is good, you’ll acquire more followers and engagements. If it’s not, your site will remain stagnant.


Regardless if you make the best contents in the digital web, if you’re not producing evergreen contents then it will be useless. Social media is all about fresh and relevant contents. It’s about the latest happenings, what’s trending, what’s viral, and what’s new.


It’s the area of social media where startups can move the meat of their contents and make them grow.  It requires more effort than what’s necessary, to produce meaningful and relevant contents. But beware, contents will always go under review and scrutiny.

Sell To The Right People

Selling products or services to the right audience is where startups may need help. Using hashtags to create a sub following is always a wise practice. However, it does not account for social media’s back end, where platforms transform into pay-to-play medium to reach the audience.

Doing this method is challenging, and most startups have no idea how to do it. It’s not a problem though. It can be learned. Consistency again is the key factor in this aspect, and most of the time it comes in an expensive package.

Brands who share their stories have greater chances of success in advertising because consumers get to experience being part of the brand and what it means to do so. Consumers are no longer buying products or services; they get more and you get their valuable sentiments in return. And, it’s how good advertising works.


If you’re just plainly selling product according to parts and specs unless it’s a utility that a consumer needs, you’ll have a hard time selling it. For startups, it means harnessing on the story of their brands and sell their success stories.

Communicate With Influencers

 Along with the development of social media comes the birth of influencers. Influencers serve as the launching platforms to boost a brand’s followers, capture attention and expand the brand reputation. Most of the time, hiring influencers is expensive, some are flexible, and some aren’t.

Still, influencers are a formidable force to reckon in advertising. So, reach out and find influencers that represent the image and value of the brand. Hiring the wrong influencer could potentially backfire the brand.  


And so, there you have it, the important reasons why startups need to go with the internet flow and utilize social media platforms at their best disposal. Most of the time, it can get overwhelming, but it’s nothing compared to the good possibilities that social media platforms bring. What’s more, these platforms also holds potential in creating a niche space for your brand.

Author’s Bio:

An active businessman, Patrick Panuncillon have a keen interest in new trends in Digital Marketing such as social media management, guest posting service, and content marketing. As the heart and brain of LinkVista Digital Inc., he has an interest in creating contents that talk about effective digital marketing solutions. During his free time, Patrick spends it learning about the trends in Digital Marketing.

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