Starting A Small Business Aimed At Children

Children are a huge portion of the current consumer market; over 4 billion dollars is spent on advertising towards them every single year, and through watching TV and digital adverts, a child can influence their parents’ spending tenfold. And that’s something you can capitalise on, as long as you’ve got a good idea for a business aimed at children!

However, marketing with children in mind can be hard as an adult. Your content needs to be appealing, and your product enjoyable, but you’ve got to be responsible and mindful at the same time. And that’s why this post is here; if you’ve got a product that’s perfect for the child market, it’s time to put together the right kind of business to sell it.


Follow the Trends


Seeing as children make up a huge portion of consumers, understandably there’s going to be a lot of different trends you can follow to create a product that will appeal to them. Children’s toys, clothing, books, classroom accessories, activities and events, as well as foods and drinks, are all very popular product categories for small businesses. 


You don’t even have to pick just one category here, as many of these can bleed into one another. However, be sure to do your research: what are both children and parents looking for right now? And how can you address this, concerning what’s popular and what kids are most likely to use?


Picking Your Product


Following on from this point, having an idea for a children’s product is one thing, but knowing if that product will actually fill a gap in the market is another entirely. So within your research, take your own values and qualifications into account as well. 


Do you have natural marketing skills? Are you able to ‘keep up with kids’, as it’s commonly known? And can you really tap into the realm of childhood imagination? Pick your product with these factors in mind. Put yourself in your target customer’s small shoes, and if you have kids of your own, feel free to get their opinions on your product too. 


The Appealing Factor


Whether you’re running a toy shop, or a daycare center, or a kids’ party planning business, you’re going to want kids to enjoy spending time within your business. This will help you to boost profits across the board, So, you need to have an appealing look! 


Create areas for kids to spend time with classroom stools and little desks, and provide samples of your products to play with before buying. Host activity days from time to time to attract more and more families from the local area, and ensure repeat business from these same people in the long term. 


Starting a business of your own that sells with children in mind can be a difficult subject. Make sure you keep ideas like these in mind if you’ve got product ideas of your own; move with the times, know what young families want, and work with that.

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