Terrific Ways To Make Sure You Are Not Compliant To Complaints

Customers have and always will have complaints. It’s part of their nature when they receive a product or service that isn’t up to their standards. Plus, eCommerce platforms don’t help because there is always a difference between the pictures and the product. And, of course, some people just like to moan!


However, as the boss, you can’t downplay your role in customer complaints. After all, businesses usually make a mistake somewhere along the line and it does take two to tango. The key is to cut out the customer service mistakes, and these are the easy ways to do it.


Publish Contact Details


To get in touch and avoid incidents, consumers need relevant contact details. However, an email address isn’t enough and only makes the situation worse in lots of circumstances. The reason is that customers feel as if they are not moving forward unless they speak on the phone. So, give them a phone number to call and let them talk to a customer service representative. What’s great about handing out contact details is the impact on marketing. With phone numbers and email addresses, you can target customers more effectively with advertising.


Sync WhatsApp To Computer


Do you have a Mac? What about WhatsApp? The answers to these questions are almost always yes as Apple and social media are essential to businesses around the world. The only problem with WhatsApp is that it is mobile-based and isn’t available on a desktop. Well, it wasn’t until Setapp came up with their WhatsApp for Mac service and changed the game. Now, you can receive and respond to messages from your computer or laptop without having to play around with your phone. Not only is it quicker and easier, but it’s efficient as it prevents time wasting.

Chat Via Live Services


Don’t let your customers make a mistake and ruin the experience before it begins. Instead, get in touch with them as soon as they land and guide them through the process. That way, they will get exactly what they want and there should be no need to complain in the future. By far the best way to do this is through a live chat service or a chatbot. As soon as a person lands on the homepage, the bot pops up and asks if it can help. AI takes care of the simple queries until it needs help, in which case it puts the customer in contact with a member of staff. It’s a simple yet elegant solution.


Create An FAQ Page


Sometimes, customers don’t need to talk to a rep whatsoever. All they have to do is go to your frequently asked questions page and look for the relevant answer. Of course, they can’t do that if an FAQ section doesn’t exist in the first place. With that in mind, come up with the queries people are most likely to ask and provide a straightforward answer. Then, the phone lines won’t get blocked with questions such as “what’s your returns policy for Christmas?”


Complaints are a way of life for companies, but you shouldn’t add fuel to the fire.

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