Tips For Long Distance Business Relationships With Your Team

The pandemic has opened a world of digital transformations that has been taking over the business organization. Employers have nurtured the perfect pool of talent, professional soulmates who fit the business culture and values. Unfortunately, if you’ve been embracing a remote working environment as part of your COVID-19 response, the day-to-day work interactions are turning into a long-distance relationship. 


In many ways, remote work interactions face the same challenges as couples in a long-distance relationship. The lack of personal contact can make it hard to know each other better and show interest in each other’s experience. Each side of the partnership can only rely on themselves to approach the issues they face in their remote environment. Additionally, the risk of growing apart and falling for someone else – aka another business – is real. But as surprising as it sounds, some of the best pieces of advice you can get to bond with your remote girlfriend are transferable to the business world. 

Lack of personal contact

When you see employees in the office every day, you can gauge their moods and aspirations. However, when the team works remotely, it becomes essential to build a close connection with each team member. One-to-ones can help bridge the gap and make employees feel more engaged. Indeed, geographic distance doesn’t have to translate into lack of engagement and lack of understanding. Scheduling frequent one-to-one video calls with team members nurtures a collaborative space for trust, mutual understanding, and informal conversations. 

Nobody to rely on

What happens when a remote laptop gets damaged or corrupted? Without a professional IT Provider to help both employers and employees, staff members are left with no alternative. Technology is at the heart of your remote team productivity. It’s a no-brainer. When things go wrong, you want a reliable provider who can offer a rapid and effective solution to get your team back online. Whether the issue is VOIP related or accidental data corruption, your remote employees need support and guidance. 

Different interests

Growing apart is a risk in every relationship, and that includes your business team. Remote teams are more likely to lose interest in the organization that fails to promote engagement and team building. Virtual team building activities help bring people together, even when they are not in the same room. Inviting the team to a virtual escape room, for instance, can be a fantastic way to engage large groups of people outside of work assignments. Video games can also offer a friendly alternative, using a private virtual room where team members can compete against or with each other, depending on games. 

Risk of falling for someone else

Truth be told, it’s a risk that doesn’t only affect remote teams. Every business could lose talent when employees find new opportunities elsewhere. Virtual teams, just like on-site teams, can seek employment in other companies for a variety of reasons. However, addressing some of the issues tackled in the one-to-ones and through team building events can significantly reduce turnover risks. 

Long distance relationships are typically associated with couples. However, the post-pandemic remote working environment is highlighting many similarities between love and professional relationships. Both suffer from the lack of face-to-face interactions, it can be a life-changer for organizations to tackle some of the most common distance challenges. 


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