Ways to Create a Great Company Culture


A company culture is the central heartbeat of your company. It is symbolized by the environment in which you and your employees work. It is manifested by the values your company holds dear, its ethical foundations, as well as the overarching goal and visions. It is a personality and philosophical context of the company. It is a sense or feeling that is generated inside your offices and workspaces as you enter the business grounds. Great company culture has many benefits to a company. These include enhanced productivity, positive employee engagement, better morale all around, fewer sick days, less turnover, and more creativity, innovation, and advancement. That means company culture is vital to the success of your business. So how can you create a great company culture?

Focus on your Brand 

If you are looking for a way to create your company culture, then you can start here. Your brand is all about the philosophical beliefs that underpin your business. Yes, it is a logo too, but the logo should be representative of these beliefs. The deeper and more identifiable your philosophical belief structure, the more it will resonate with staff and your customers. Think about things such as core values and ethical considerations. Think about why you created your company, were you looking to solve some issue in people’s lives, were you trying to help animals or be environmentally friendly. Do you have a USP (unique selling point). Once you have an underlying brand that encompasses a lot of these ideas, it is far easier to develop a culture, with a belief structure, meaning, purpose, and a vision, on top.



Wellness is one of the buzzwords on the street, and it would help if you incorporated some level of employee wellness into your company philosophies. You want, and quite frankly need, mentally, physically, and emotionally well-balanced staff, and it is in your power to develop this inside your business. Think of ways you can boost nutrition by offering fresh fruit. How about a gym everyone can use. Think about having walking meetings too. Also, consider the workspace itself. If it is dark, lighten it up, ensure the temperature is ambient, have potted plants, artwork, and make sure you think about their comfort with ergonomic seating. Anything that will boost the wellbeing of your staff will pay dividends in the long run.


Embrace Open and Honest Communication

As a boss, you need to lead by example. Get to know each of your staff, try and learn all their names, perhaps name badges may be an idea if your company is relatively large. Take a look at this guide to pins to get some ideas. If you can identify each staff member individually and learn something personal about them, you will be opening up honest communication. Have team meetings once a week, or more, where o encourage everyone to talk. Ask how you can improve as a business, listen to views and make everyone feel valued. The more values someone feels, the more motivated they will be.

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