What Are Electric Blinds? Should You Have Them In Your Home?

Blinds have been part of our interior design for hundreds of years, with evidence of venetian blinds being commonplace as far back as 1761, in the time since then, most innovations have come from blinds being made of new materials such as polyester and PVC, new types of blinds being created like day and night blinds.

But more recently, with the smart home revolution in full swing another new innovation has been popularized in the world of window blinds, the creation of new electric roller blinds, these electric blinds have taken the blinds world by storm. If you’re unaware, electric blinds are very much like the normal roller blinds we know, but operated by an electric motor rather than a chain, these electric motors are usually controlled via remote control, but some newer models have smart home capabilities and can be operated by using Alexa or a similar smart device operator.

What’s The Difference Between Electric Roller Blinds & Standard Roller Blinds?

The main difference between an electric roller blind and a standard roller blind is how the blind is operated. Traditional roller blinds are operated with a chain attached the to blind itself that will then move the blind up or down, whereas electric roller blinds have an electric motor in place of the chain and are controlled by a remote control.

Besides the operational differences, the only other noticeable difference between the two products is the price tag, as electric blinds are a new product and require more technology to be made, this results in electric blinds having quite a hefty price tag when compared to a traditional blind.

How To Electric Roller Blinds Work?

The electric roller blinds are quite simple to operate, when you purchase an electric roller blind, it will come with a remote control for the blinds, from there it’s a simple control of a button to move the blind up and another to lower the blind. You can also use the remote to pre-program your blinds to move to different levels at set times throughout the day, so that you don’t have to worry about changing it’s position as the sun moves throughout the day.

Most new electric blinds are powered by a solar panel attached to the bracket, rather than by mains power or batteries. This means that the blind is charged automatically throughout the day by the Sun and should naturally always have plenty of charge.

What Are Electric Roller Blinds Good For?

Electric blinds have a lot of really good uses and almost anyone can find utility in them, but, there are some situations where these window blinds can be life changing, for example, for elderly people, or those with mobility issues electric blinds allow them to operate their window blinds without the need for moving and gives them more freedom and control over interior lighting.

Another situation these blinds are great for is home offices, which is helpful considering how many of us are now working form home, when working, having natural light is an important part of keeping you active and engaged with your work, but obviously throughout the day you may need to adjust your blinds as the sun moves, these electric blinds then let you program it’s movements allowing you to have perfect exposure to natural light all day without having to manually adjust your blinds every half hour.

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