Why Email Marketing is the Future of Digital Communication?

Written by: Tommy Twos

If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution for your digital marketing needs, then you may just want to know a little more about email marketing. 

The domain of online marketing services is ever-growing, with social media becoming the mainstay for digital brand communications in the recent decade.

A notion that has mistakenly become popular is that the era of marketing emails has seen its demise. 

Unfortunately, this is not true. Email marketing ain’t going anywhere. In fact, It’s the trend has always been here for marketers to generate profitable conversions and craft more creatively engaging copies that not only convert but also align with the marketing strategy of customer retention.

This article will guide you through the potential benefits of digital communication that come with the use of email marketing. After reading this guide, you’ll be better able to understand why email marketing is the future of digital communications.

Social Media vs Email Marketing

Surprising as it may sound, consumers are really cautious about the kind of content and brand that approaches them through digital channels. Around 75% of consumers have shared positive views on brands approaching them by emails as an after-purchase marketing tactic.

Consumers are not so enthusiastic about approving the use of social media for unwanted promotions. However, it should be noted that embracing email marketing does not necessarily mean that you should abandon your social media strategy.

In fact, you could best leverage the potential of email marketing only in conjunction with social media. Sharing short form and attractive content that enhances your reach and builds impression is a social media tactic.

While with email marketing, on the other hand, you could tap customers who subscribe to your newsletter and want detailed information on your product. You could fill their hunger for information and drive conversions.

Key Email Marketing Stats

There are some interesting, in fact, jaw-dropping stats that would help you believe why email marketing is the future for digital communications.

First, more than 90% of users read emails every day. Plus, you may be surprised to know that emails that start with a personalized note or those written with a personalized subject have a 25% higher click-through-rate than those without it.

Generate Sales with Email Marketing

Email marketing is always fantastic for conversions! Believe it or not, you can segment your customers with email listings better than you could with any other digital communication tool. 

By segmenting your customers as per their buying behavior and their geographic location, you could strategize in a clearer and intelligent manner.

Besides, personalization which is a common practice among successful email marketers also enables brands to convert in large numbers seamlessly. 

Personalized emails are exactly what customers read. Even though emails are long-form content, you may wish to include attractive catchphrases and write a short sales copy with attractive images that communicate powerful brand value.

In terms of sales, email marketing is your go-to option. According to more than 55% of marketers, the email form of digital communication is their main ingredient for conversion. 

It’s low-cost and easy to manage, which often blesses them with the highest ROI (Return on Investment) across all other forms of digital communications.

Additionally, where marketers deployed a segmented email marketing approach, they reported a five times more increase in their revenue.

Email Marketing is a Means to Communicate with Your Audience

In terms of communicating effectively and openly with your audience, email marketing holds great significance. 

According to a survey conducted on buyers’ perception of email marketing, more than 59% of respondents expressed that they were likely to respond positively to marketing emails on updates and promotions.

Apart from this, you might want to think about the golden rule of successful marketing. It’s a customer relationship. Remember, you don’t always need to sell. Overselling or excessive promotion is always unwanted by your audience.

You could always communicate as a brand with the customer and share something that is beneficial to them. You may share news or provide them some useful knowledge.

It’s always good to be transparent. It may come as no surprise, but emails are the only form of digital communication by which you can develop a loyal and enduring relationship with your customer.

It’s always a strong bond with your customer that you need to grow. Remember the 80/20 rule of customer marketing. It’s the code to successful marketing and you can do it successfully with email marketing.

Generate Leads

Email marketing is also highly effective for generating leads, an essential goal of every new venture that has stepped into the digital. 

Remember, segregation and personalization is the key to generating good leads. Offering referral bonuses and special discounts on festivals and accepting personal notes is always good to entice your existing customers to bring in more prospects in your pool.

Automated Emails

The future of email marketing is automated, machine-learning algorithms of emails. Applications could run complex algorithms to identify profitable and less profitable pools of prospects and target them with emails with appropriate segmentation.

Evaluate Your Net Promoter Score

In this fast-paced e-commerce world that is expanding even rapidly especially in times of social distancing, email marketing could help businesses alter their strategy according to the exact needs of their customers.

Think of making a sale from your e-store. Now, in order to help your client track the package’s delivery, you may send them details by email and update them daily.

The role of email marketing does not end with sharing details only. In fact, you could leverage its use by inviting your customers to feel the feedback form on quality of service. You could also share customer satisfaction surveys via email.

Collecting feedback is essential to predict the future behavior of your client. You could benefit from the evaluation of Net Promoter Score, a metric that allows you to know what percentage of customers are likely to buy from you. You can update your strategy for a better customer experience based upon the information you got with your survey emails.

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