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8 Text Messages From A Woman You “Barely” Want to Respond too

After a discussion with a group of guys, we wondered what kind of text messages do men get commonly that they don’t want to see or they are hesitate to answer back to. And here are the top 8

Text-message1. We Need to Talk  – This statement can leave a male lost for all of the time from we he opens to the message till he responds. He doesn’t know if he should ignore this message or be up front and say lets talk. The unknown is scary

2. So I been Thinking – The question is what has she been thinking about. Does she want to ask you something you really don’t want to respond to?

3. What are we really doing – This message usually comes after she has talk with her friends and they have convinced her to raise this question. The conversation can go two ways.

4. I was on your IG page and … – we all know how this one ends

5. I got something to tell you promise you won’t get mad – More than likely you will be mad after the statement. But she sends it anyways and you sit the phone down on the couch and turn it over.

6. Who was that in your snapchat – First off don’t be a bone head and record other women in your snap chat.

7. I saw you had fun last night – Clearly she was watching your social media and you recorded more than you intended.

8. I thought it was just you and your boys last night. – So you told her that it was just your guy friends and then somehow more people meaning women were invited. But be careful to reply that you did not invite them lol .

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