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5 Topic Starters for Your Next Plane Ride

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[Las Vegas –  July 24]

  1. Why are they headed to the destination they are headed to? – More than likely when you ask this questions they will return the question and if you are going for work or just for mere fun it leads you to the following questions
  2. What do they do for a living? – This leads to finding about how they have achieved their goals in life. If they are older than you that probably is the best thing because wisdom comes with age
  3. Have they been to the destination before? If yes, then you can ask for recommendations for food, places to visit while in town
  4. What is the last movie or book they have read? Maybe this will be a movie you had been wanting to see but did not know if you would like it. IF they recommend a book always go at least look it up. The book could have the golden ticket to change your perspective on your current situation.
  5. Always talk about current events – Never Politics or Religion But sports is always a safe route. You never want to offend anyone on the flight so stay in the safe zone. Sports are usually opinionated conversations that gage someone’s personality or at least talk about the Dallas Cowboys or Lebron James.
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