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Beyoncé’s Stylist Invented a Phone Case With Built-in Selfie Lighting


The Culture Supplier – Marcus Gilmore

Sylist Ty Hunter has worked with Beyoncé for the past 17 years, but his new project is a phone case with its own built-in lighting so mere mortals can post selfies with a Beyoncé-level glow.

The Ty-Lite case has a frame of LED-lights that are meant to work with the phone’s front-facing camera.


There are three lighting settings to cover every selfie occasion: “warm” for a glossy effect, “cool” for outdoor lighting, and “brilliant” in case those don’t work and for that “extra little glam,” Hunter explained to Glamour.

Right now, the Ty-Lite case is available for iPhone 6, 6s, and 6 Plus. Samsung Galaxy S6 is coming in 2016 and iPhone 5s will be available in January.


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