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Black Beauty Supply Training Center ,Teaches Store Ownership

First in History Black Beauty Supply Training Center That Teaches Store Ownership Opens in Atlanta Metro Area

Beauty Supply Institute, a training and consulting organization founded in 2007 by former business & economics professor and 3-time store owner Devin Robinson, began with offices and rented training rooms. Beauty Supply Institute has opened 87 beauty supply stores across America, Canada and the Caribbean. However, in November 2016, the organization expanded into hands-on training by moving its headquarters into a 5,000 square foot facility that now houses its headquarters, training rooms, consulting rooms and a fully functioning beauty supply store.

Shelly’s Beauty Supply Store & Training Lab, a full-scale over-the-counter retail store, now gives current and aspiring store owners the ability to get trained for competitiveness in a one-stop shop environment. The store operations will serve the people of Atlanta, while catering to students in need of actual hands-on training that have historically traveled from across the country.

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