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Black Men : Armed with Education


One of the most exciting times of the year for colleges and universities around the country is “graduation day”. The day that you, the college student, has finally reached the goal of completing your degree. No matter how long it took you to receive your degree, even if it meant repeating a class or two; you reached your goal! The fact of the matter is that you finish!

As you know, “Black Lives Matter” has become a familiar phrase since the case of Trayvon Martin and Freddie Gray. During the last twelve months our Black Men have been put in a negative light where they are “unarmed “yet they are always “in the wrong.” 

#TheCultureSupplier would like to highlight and bring attention to the fact that Black Men are graduating from college. They are not just graduating with their undergrad BS or BA, but with Masters, MBA’s, PHD’s and Law Degrees.

So our focus is to bring attention to the fact that our Black Men are becoming positive, contributing, and educated citizens. Having an education with a degree as an African American is a “civil right” and part of the “New Civil Rights Movement.”

The opportunity has been fought and won by our ancestors and they deserve our respect. We can express this respect by taking full advantage of acquiring an education. The most valuable weapon is a solid education, and one that can be used at any time, any place…”armed” and “in the right.”
So Black Lives Do Matter, in the classroom, at the polls, on the playing field and in the job market.

Black Man: #ArmedWithEducation




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