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How Bozoma Saint John Became The Chief Brand Officer For Uber


It only took one conversation with Bozoma Saint John for me to add her to my list of inspiring boss women that are mentors in my head. She radiates wisdom, light, and positivity. Not to mention that she’s absolutely hilarious. Within minutes of our call we’re already talking about how we’re going to find all of the unicorns in the world and form us a unicorn gang. Hashtag and all.

“Unicorns are mythical creatures who aren’t like anything else, but the truth of the matter is, there are enough unicorns out there where we could form a gang and we can take over,” she explains this with such assurance and enthusiasm I can’t help but to get excited, too.

“Where is the unicorn gang at? Where are these people? They feel like they are alone and they feel like there’s no one like them, but guess what, if we all come together, WATCH! There’s no stopping us! Unicorn gang, let’s go!”

See what I mean? Hilarious.

In case you were wondering, being a unicorn is somewhat of an honor, a blessing will you. It’s the term that Bozoma used to describe herself as a child of Ghanian parents who, as a new transplant to Colorado Springs at the age of 14, was different than her peers in every way possible: too tall, too skinny, too black with the kinky hair to match. Too everything as she would say. Instead of being ashamed or trying to conform to the masses, she embraced her differences, proudly donning the braids that represented the beauty of her West African homeland throughout most of her adolescent years.


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