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[Culture News] James Moss and One Year Old Son, Release Thank You Video After Receiving Over $40,000 in Donations


[Dallas,TX – November 11th]

The Culture Supplier – Marcus Gilmore

James Moss and his one-year old son, Zhi, had just moved to Denver when he came across motivational speaker Leon Logothetis. Leon just so happened to be filming a video series as part of the #GoBeKind initiative, where he travels to different cities asking random strangers their life stories.

Moss says ” the reason I made this move is for [my son] , Being in a peaceful place with the mountains, I want him to experience the things that I missed growing up. My dad used to always be so busy and I just want to be there.I just got here a couple of days ago. I had a job set up and some housing arrangements set up and the housing arrangement fell through. Right now I’m homeless”

Weeks later, after it was discovered that James and Zhi were currently living out of a homeless shelter, a Kansas woman by the name of Kalya Heskett created a GoFundMe page to further assist Moss with getting back on his feet. Originally set at a goal of raising $20,000 to help James get a car in time for winter. However, in less than a week, supporters have helped raise over $38,000 for James- nearly doubling the initial goal!


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