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Ethically Pleasing: How to Display Your Company’s Best Feature!

So many people out there are convinced that modern businesses are all run by demons. That all business leaders are heartless psychopaths who will trample on anything and everything just to make a buck.

This may not seem like a totally fair assessment to you. Sure, there are some pretty darn corrupt companies out there. But your business isn’t one of them, right? You’ve been taking measure to ensure that your company is ethically impeccable. Perhaps you’ve been giving to charities. Maybe you’ve been promoting awareness of social problems. Maybe you’ve been improving your eco-friendly tactics. In any case, you know your business isn’t evil.

But it’s not enough for you to know that your business cares about ethics and morals! It’s the public – your potential customers – who need to know about this. After all, more and more people these days are taking care about who they give their money too. This is a good thing, of course. But it highlights the need for you to make sure you’re marketing yourself on this ethical image!



Promoting good causes

Use your social media account to promote causes you care about. This sort of behavior definitely gets noticed in the social media sphere. The more ethical and likable you appear on your social media accounts, the more likely someone is to keep an eye on your business. It also means that the causes you care about will get a boost in publicity. Win-win, right?

Details on your website

Your website should be host to a wealth of vital information about your business. It shouldn’t just be there to facilitate sales or provide contact information. What you need to do is ensure that anything someone might want to know about your business is up there. If you give to charities, let it be known in the copy. And if you’ve got ethical practices you’re proud of, you should be detailing them on your website! Outline your policies and actions so others can read about them.




Working with others

One of the best things you can do is network with other businesses who care about the things your business cares about. Perhaps you can even look into partnerships of some kind to boost how much you can both do for your chosen causes. Trade shows, conventions, and conferences are often the best way to find such businesses .Let’s look at an example. Are you investing in renewable energy? In that case, you could be looking at events such as the Argentinian Renewable Energy Conference.

Getting verification!

Of course, it’s possible that you could just be claiming to be an ethical company. I don’t want to accuse you of lying, of course! But the fact is that any claims you make in this area can be refuted if they aren’t true. So getting some kind verification that this is indeed taking place is going to be very useful. It will also help in marketing. Those who can validate your claims of ethical practices have swing with their own concerned fans, after all! If you’ve donated to a charity, see if they’ll Tweet about it. If you’re going green, see if you can get verification using green certifications.

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