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Lifetime has confirmed that Zendaya Coleman, the 17-year-old  will no longer be starring in the cable channel’s upcoming Aaliyah biopic, Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B (working title). As a black community did we force this young actress to leave this opportunity? To say someone is too light-skinned to play Aaliyah in a movie that is finally being made 13 years after the tragic,  plane crash in 2001 is ridiculous. But at the same time it was reported that the production of the film was not ready to be filmed and that is also another reason Zendaya decided not to participate in the film. At the BET awards this past Sunday Coleman spoke in depth about the biopic and said “she felt uneasy about the production”. Coleman says she is still open to playing Aaliyah in the future. All in all whoever takes this role in the future will have to deal with Aaliyah Fans, music lovers, family, and anyone else who is emotionally attached to Aaliyah.



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