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Fix It Real Good! Cheap Ways To Fix Up Your Dream Home

Has it been a dream to fix up your home? Or have you moved into your dream home and found it is a bit on the “underprepared” side? That there is a lot more work than you thought it would need? It always tends to be the case, that when we go into a new home with ideas and a blank canvas to draw our dreams on, there are more than a few hidden costs. Thankfully there are ways to keep the costs down. Waking up every day and bumping into a big bag of cement outside your front door before you go to work may just fill you with dread about the task you’ve taken on. But there are also ways to keep your sanity!

Cutting Down On Cost Is Achievable

With many home builders providing affordable deals on new-style homes, you can easily purchase one of these. But if you have gone down the route of buying a home such as this and then wanting to put your own stamp on it, it is very easy to let your imagination run wild. And with this comes many mounting costs! A way around something as expensive as plumbing is to keep the sinks or toilets where they are. Having to move basins around is a very costly procedure, so if you can keep them where they are, then that is a lot better for your wallet!


Make One Area Of The Home Your Little Chillout Spot

You may feel that it’s all getting too much and you need a break. Getting away from it all, either by going away for a weekend or to your parents house for a break will stop you stressing about it. It’s really important to have down time when you’re taking on a task this big. Finding coping methods like meditation or mindfulness is always a go-to for me!

Cook Your Meals In Advance

A great way to cut down on pointless cash spending. Because you will rarely be able to get to the kitchen, it is totally tempting to get takeout all the time. And it’s easier. But where is your money gonna go? A better thing to do is to cook meals in batches and put them in the freezer. Planning your meals in advance is a great thing to save you money at any time. But when you’re trying to penny pinch at every corner you need to find an easy way to make meals that are cheap.

Set Yourself A Time Limit

You could think this is completely pointless. But if you say that you are going to get all the work done by next March, it could be the kick that you need. It’s too easy to fix your home up “gradually”, but that could mean it’ll take years! Set a time limit to complete everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. A simple way to stick to your goal? Promise your partner you’ll get it done. You don’t want to be a promise breaker, not when you’re up to your neck in rubble!

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