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The Internet’s Big Push to get Americans to Vote

You’ve probably noticed National Voter Registration Day. The Sept. 27 voting drive has been hyped everywhere.

Internet giants Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, along with 4,000 other websites, all featured the same message.

Google’s homepage used its doodle to promote the big day and debuted an easy-to-use tool for finding registration details.

Facebook rolled out a post, pinned to the top of feeds, encouraging users to vote.

Twitter launched hashtag #iregistered, along with a custom emoji — an American flag-themed top hat with a brim that reads “2016.”

And Reddit’s political vertical is hosting an “Ask Me Anything” on how to register to vote.

It’s not every day that you see the Internet come together with the same message.

It’s the one thing both sides of the political aisle can agree on:

Register to vote — and then, of course … get out and vote!

The Internet’s big push to get Americans to vote

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