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Presidential Election Update: Bernie Sanders to Talk with Obama About Ending His Campaign

Source : AP Exchange

Sanders heads to the White House under intense pressure to drop out and clear the way for Clinton. Though he showed signs he understood the end was near, he’s vowed to keep fighting for his movement.

Obama has sought to give the Vermont senator the courtesy of exiting the race on his own terms, but is expected to formally endorse Clinton after the meeting. The White House says he plans to use the meeting to discuss how to build on the enthusiasm Sanders brought to the primary.

Sanders faces questions about whether he will back Clinton and when he may end his bid. He lost four of six contests in Tuesday’s primaries and Hillary Clinton is now the Democrats’ presumptive nominee.

But Sanders has vowed to campaign through Tuesday’s final primary in the District of Columbia and pursue a contested Democratic convention in Philadelphia.

Sanders was headlining a D.C. rally and then returning home to Vermont on Thursday night.

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