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Soul Food: A nation of appropriation

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Soul Food. Dictionary definition: traditional Southern African-American food. But Soul Food is deeper than five words; we’re talking hundreds of years deep.

So much so, Adrian Miller — known as the Soul Food Scholar — wrote a book about its history.

“Soul food is one of the earliest fusion cuisines in the Americas,” Miller told NewsFix.

And it’s most known for being a staple in the black household and community.

“When you grew up off of it, it was your lunch dinner and breakfast,” former NBA player Anthony “Spud” Webb said.

“Soul food is one of the few connections to slavery that we’ll ever have and enjoy,” Fredrick Johnson said. “That and gospel singing.”

Yet today, especially in South, it seems restaurants – whether you label them as Soul Food, comfort food, or southern cuisine – are popping up left and right. And the majority of them are not black owned and rarely have black chefs. Which raises the question: When did the appropriation of Soul Food become a thing?


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