5 jams for your “Middle Finger to Monday” playlist Ft Liana Bank$ , Dizzy Wright and Kanye West

The most loathed day of the week has arrived; Monday. Your two days of freedom are over and it’s back to the grind. Here’s a couple of tracks to help you kick Monday’s ass.

        1. “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 2”– Kanye West
          There’s no way you could not find the beauty in your Monday with this track playing. Yeezy praises the beautiful morning over a fire Metro Boomin’ beat. This track’s hook is the best middle finger to Monday. We all “wanna feel liberated” Ye!
        2.  “Lvlup” – Liana Bank$
          For some, Monday means going to that 9 to 5 that you hate. Let this New York songwriter turned singer remind you what you’re out here grinding for; to level up on your haters! Since this track dropped a couple of weeks ago, Liana Bank$ has received major attention, including a shout out from Miss Info. Turn this one up in traffic for all those that tried to dim your light.
        3. Work A Little Harder” – Dizzy Wright
          Dizzy Wright brings a little motivation to go harder with this track from his latest project, Wisdom and Good Vibes. While Wright spits crazy flows on this bass heavy track, give yourself that half time pep talk as you fight to make it through the rest of this Monday. Success comes to those who work a little harder than most.

      1. “Hear Me” – A$AP Rocky ft. Pharrell
        Why not swat off the Monday blues by exuding pure confidence in one’s ability to be amazing? Rocky and Pharrell certainly have that effortless, confident demeanor down pact. The duo of rappers/fashion icons just “hope to prosper when they strive” while they do what it takes to survive. Let Monday know you’re too fly to let it get you down.

      1. “Money Talk” – T.I
        When your dragging to work and wishing it were still Sunday morning, let T.I’s new single put things into perspective. As TIP’s newest banger plays, I promise you’ll alread be feeling that pay day flex! It’ll be nothing to get through Monday.


Keep grinding! It’ll pay off!

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