Auditory Aura Album Review of ‘CARE FOR ME’ by Sabapivot

by: Auditory Aura 

The Chicago artist, Saba, is back after 2 years, and all I can say is: this is a solid release, long story short. He’s definitely bringing a different vibe based on his most recent experiences in life, including a big one which included the violent incident that took his cousin’s life last year.

They were heavily involved in making music together, therefore his absence hit hard upon their musical collective, Pivot Gang. The opener, “BUSY/SIRENS” —  I thought that “BUSY” was enough…and then the beat switches and there’s a transition into SIRENS 🙌🏽 I am a sucker for beat switches & smooth transitions into another song which he also does on my other favorite track on this album “PROM/KING.”

Saba has this way of telling stories so vivid that you paint this image in your head, on album highlight “PROM/KING,” he tells the story of his prom night with his cousin and it transitions into a not so happy time in his life — the day of his cousin’s passing away.

The drums on “KING”  at one point builds this anxiety/intensity/panic all the way up until the moment where he finds out his cousin is missing….wow I love this song. “GREY” is another solid track, it’s sooo real with a hook that’s so smooth it just rises to the top like cream. This album is an expressive method of dealing with him and his family’s grief & mourning, while also asking others on the outside to, ‘CARE FOR ME.’

Aura’s Picks: “PROM/KING,” “LOGOUT,” “GREY,” & “BUSY/SIRENS”


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