Album Review of ‘Woo$ah’ by Childishmajor

BY : Auditory Aura

This is the 1st album by Childish Major, who mainly has been behind the scenes for years, producing all kinds of music (most notably “U.O.E.N.O”). He definitely has a unique sound, & his tracks compliment his voice. The production is intricate on this, & I like the way he plays with different harmonies in the background to create some dope hooks/effects.

It’s a short album where I feel like it’s just enough, it’s only 8 tracks! I kind of wanted there to be more though, in a good way. The features from @6lack & @bigbabydram on “I Like You” makes for a really good combination. “Supply Luh” is a darker song that describes a relationship gone wrong 💔 ‘Woo$ah’ is definitely a chill album & I recommend it, play on a sunny day when you’re ridin’ around ☀️🍎 this is another one that came out on a big release day, but don’t sleep! ✨

Aura’s Picks: “Supply Luh,” “Woo$ah,” & “No Nightmares”

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